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SOAS-AKS Working Papers in Korean Studies

The SOAS-AKS Working Papers in Korean Studies are an outlet for research-in-progress by European, Korean and Global scholarship. Open to a wide range of contributions in the field of Korean Studies, it is particularly aimed at the dissemination of research that has been conducted or presented under the auspices of the SOAS-AKS Institution Grant Project.

The working papers in the series are issued individually, as listed below, and can be downloaded through the links provided with each entry.

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18 Relative Clauses

Lucien Brown & Jaehoon Yeon. August 2010.

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17. Choson Financial Sources

Kim Kuentae. July 2010.

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16. Orphan Care in Choson Korea

Anders Karlsson. December 2009.

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15. Northern Territories and the Historical Understanding

Anders Karlsson. December 2009.

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14. Tang Style Poems in the Mid-Choson Period
Jo Yoong-hee. December 2009.

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13. Births and Achievements of Heroes in the War Hero Novels

Lim, Chikyun. December 2009.

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12. Korean Music in the 19th Century

Sheen Dae-Cheol. December 2009.

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11. Status System in Choson

Chung, Ku-bok. December 2009. 

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10. Transitional Images of Choson Korea
Grace Koh. July 2009.

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9. Lee Transitional Images of the West
Lee, Hyung-dae. July 2009.

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8. Perceptions of Choson Korea
Jo, Yoong-Hee. July 2009.

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7. Perceptions of the West in Choson
Shin, Ik-Cheol. July 2009.

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6. Shamans, Ghosts and Hobgoblins amidst Korean Folk Customs

Michael J. Pettid. March 2009.

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How North Korea made its English-Korean dictionary

Lee Heejae. July 2008.

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4. On the importance of animacy and agency effects in the Korean Diathesis System

Stefan Knoob. June 2008.

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3. Tobacco and the gift economy of Seoul merchants in the late nineteenth century

Owen Miller. May 2008.

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2. The honorifics systems of Korean language learners

Lucien Brown. April 2008.

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1. Queries on the origin and the inventor of Hunmin Chŏngŭm.

Jaehoon Yeon. March 2008.

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