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Language Centre Courses A - Z

SOAS Language Centre offers two types of language courses: short evening courses, which are not credit-bearing, and full-time accredited programmes. Our short courses run for 10 weeks each academic term, with 2-hour classes taking place once a week (twice a week for accelerated courses). Full-time accredited programmes run throughout the academic year. Certificate takes two academic terms and Diploma - three academic terms. Certificate & Diploma classes take place place every day Monday to Friday.

Language Levels

SOAS Language Centre offers standard group tuition in all levels for our four core languages: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. We offer Beginner level courses in all the other languages taught at SOAS Language Centre and post-Beginner level tuition in some of them. Below is a full list of taught languages and levels for standard group classes. Tailored tuition and courses for small groups (up to 5 students) are available in all levels for all languages.

Please see here for details of Beginners to Proficiency language level specifications:  CEFR Language Level Specifications (pdf; 116kb)  

All Languages: Standard Group Short Evening Courses

Arabic Courses (All levels)
Bengali Courses (Beginners & Elementary)
Burmese Courses (Beginners only)
Chinese Courses (All levels in Mandarin; Beginners to Pre-Intermediate in Cantonese)
French Courses (Beginners only)
Hebrew Courses (Beginners only)
Hindi Courses (Beginners & Elementary)
Indonesian Courses (Beginners only)
Japanese Courses (All levels)
Korean Courses (All levels)
Kurdish Courses (Kurmanji & Sorani, Beginners only)
Persian Courses (Beginners to Intermediate)
Russian Courses (Beginners only)
Sanskrit Courses (Beginners to Upper Intermediate)
Sinhala Courses (Beginners only)
Spanish Courses (Beginners only)
Swahili Courses (Beginners & Elementary)
Tagalog (Filipino) Courses (Beginners only)
Tamil Courses (Beginners & Elementary)
Thai Courses (Beginners to Pre-Intermediate)
Tibetan Courses (Beginners & Elementary)
Turkish Courses (Beginners to Pre-Intermediate)
Urdu Courses (Beginners & Elementary)
Vietnamese Courses (Beginners only)

For the timetables of the short evening language courses running from October to December in the Autumn Term please see our Autumn Enrolment page.

Arabic, Chinese and Japanese: Accredited Programmes

We offer accredited programmes in our three core languages - Modern Standard Arabic, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. Full-time Certificate & Diploma courses in Communicative Arabic, Chinese and Japanese are designed for those who want an accelerated way to gain mastery of a target language. This award of a widely-recognised SOAS Certificate of Higher Education is now eligible for student funding.