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JLPT Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the format of the exam?

    It is entirely in “multiple questions - answers” format; where candidates’ kanji, vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening abilities are tested. There is no interview or oral paper.

  • What is the highest/lowest level?

    The highest level is N 1, and the lowest is N 5. 

    For more details visit

    Note that SOAS Language Centre does not offer a level check for candidates. Consult your teacher for advice. 

    For Kanji lists for each level, visit

  • Can I take the exam for more than one level, for example N4 and N3?

    The exam is held simultaneously around the world, so it is not possible to take more than one level at the same exam session time.

  • How do I get hold of past papers?

    There is no past paper for N3 but you can still use old Level 3 for your practice.

    Past papers are commercially available from Japanese book sellers such as following: 

    JP-Books UK Ltd 
    14-20 Regent Street, London SW1X 4PH
    Tel: 020 7839 4839 Fax: 020 7925 0346

    The Japan Centre 
    212 Piccadilly, London W1V 9LD
    Tel: 020 7439 8035 Fax: 020 7287 1082 e-mail: web:

  • Are there any preparatory courses available?

    There are no JLPT preparatory classes currently offered at SOAS Language Centre.

    If in the future we offer a 10-week intensive preparatory courses leading up to the examination, it will be advertised on our term enrolment page

    The SOAS JLPT office does not handle preparatory course information.

    To our knowledge, there are no distance-learning courses for JLPT preparation available in UK.

  • What is the pass rate for JLPT?

    Pass rate statistics are available for:

    Statistics for other years are not yet available.

  • Where do I send my completed application form to?

    Our online application form page doesn't need posting.

    If you want to send a hard-copy application, send to:

    JLPT Administrator

    SOAS Language Centre

    Thornhaugh Street


    WC1H 0XG

    United Kingdom

    For further advice and information, contact us:


    Tel: UK 020 7898 4555

    World: +44 20 7898 4555