SOAS University of London


How to Apply

The enrolment procedure is straightforward. Before you enrol, please ensure that you have identified the correct level of the language you wish to apply for. Our language web pages are quite detailed and ought to provide you will all the necessary information for the individual courses available within the language in question.

Not a complete beginner?

If you are not a complete beginner, you will need to complete an assessment for course placement. Assessments allow us to determine your current language skills and decide which course is right for you.
To apply for an assessment please complete our Needs Analysis Form (pdf; 187kb) and send to the relevant email inbox where a Course Officer will contact you for scheduling.
Please note that during the Registration Period (August and September), the volume of e-mails and phone calls is extremely high. It is important to check that the information you are requesting is not already available on our website.

You can enrol:

  • online via our online store
  • in person  by filling out a form in the Language Centre
  • by post by sending an Application Form to our office address
  • We cannot accept cash payments under any circumstances
Payments at Discounted Rates

If you are eligible for a discount, you will not be able to complete your transaction on the Online Store. You will need to bring a paper application, including your Staff/Student card for us to make a copy of, after which we can process your application at the discounted rate.

Returning students

If you are a returning student, you will have received a letter informing you of the procedures for rejoining prior to the start of the registration period. You can pay using any method indicated above. Returning students, if they are continuing onto the course indicated as the progression course, do not need to be assessed.

Thank you for your interest.