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Arabic Advanced Level Speaking Skills

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Mode of Attendance: Part-time

Course Aims

This Advanced level Arabic Speaking Skills course is designed for students who wish to reinforce their speaking skills on a range of topics in a classroom environment. It is aimed at students who have studied at least 180 hours of guided Arabic study. (If you are unsure of your level, an online assessment can be conducted, please book here.)

The course has a communicative focus on activating students' conversational skills and their confidence in using Arabic in speaking for a range of real-world scenarios.


The course is taught in Arabic with some support in English. It is purely topic based in order to support students’ learning and practising the use of widely communicative language through presentation and discussion activities.

Our online courses are delivered through a blended learning model: this is composed of 15 hours of live online structured lessons with the teacher, plus a minimum of 5 hours of blended learning. This is a guided independent learning supported by complementary material and regular feedback from the tutor. The course objective will be achieved within the course.

Online Course Requirements

Please ensure you have checked the Learner Support page.


Materials for this course are authentically created and sourced by the teacher, so no materials need to be purchased for this course. If you wish to read about which materials were used for the other courses, please visit our course materials page and any enquiries about availability can be forwarded to the SOAS bookshop:

Entry Requirements and Progression Route

This course is aimed at students who have studied at least 180 hours of guided Arabic study and wish to further develop their speaking skills. This course takes place each term and students can enrol continuously throughout the year.

Students can alternatively progress into another Arabic course after an assessment of their level.

Please note that each term classes are subject to quorum requirements.

To see if this course is scheduled, please see our Timetable Information:

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Arabic Speaking Skills

These are the umbrella topics for the course, they are subject to change according to the interests of the students and current affairs:

● Arab culture
  ○ Traditions of festivals
  ○ Social occasions
● Personal experiences
  ○ Anecdotes
  ○ Stories
  ○ Work experiences
● Current affairs
  ○ Politics
  ○ Social changes
● Economic development
  ○ Business
  ○ Finance
  ○ Markets
  ○ Investment
  ○ Trade relations
● Social issues
  ○ Population
  ○ Mobility

  ○ Migration
  ○ Refugees
  ○ Education
  ○ Health
  ○ Medicine
● Science and Technology
  ○ Research
  ○ Scientific development
  ○ Environmental issues
● Media and press
  ○ Media coverage
  ○ Impact of social media
● Travel and tourism
  ○ Holidays
  ○ Visits
  ○ Cross-cultural impressions

● Any other topics proposed by students and agreed by the teacher

The above is an indication of content that may be covered over the duration of the course but it could vary depending on the level and progress of students in the class.