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Arabic (Modern Standard) Beginners 2 - Semi-intensive

A semi-intensive course in Modern Standard Arabic

Duration: 2 weeks, 20 hours

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Mode of Attendance: Part-time

Fees: The fee for this 20-hour semi-intensive course is £299, payable in advance.

Arabic MSA Beginners 2 Semi-intensive is designed to enable learners to communicate in Modern Standard Arabic within a limited range of everyday situations.

Duration: 20 hours, two weeks, Monday 6th August - Friday 17th August 2018

Mode of attendance: 18:00-20:00 on five weekday evenings a week, Monday to Friday


Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the recognised means of formal spoken and written communication. It is used throughout the Arabic-speaking world on official occasions, in education and the media.

This semi-intensive course at SOAS Language Centre in London is aimed at post-beginners and is designed to enable learners to communicate in Modern Standard Arabic within a limited range of everyday situations. The course covers listening, speaking, reading and writing, using contemporary printed and audio/visual material. An appropriate balance is struck between learning the grammar and vocabulary for accuracy and communicative activities for fluency practice. Students will further boost their vocabulary skills.


Wightwick, J, and Gaafar, M. (2014) Mastering Arabic 3rd Edition London: Palgrave Macmillan

Extra supplementary materials will be provided by the teacher.


All courses will take place on the Bloomsbury campus of SOAS. Click here for a map of the Bloomsbury campus.

Room locations will be notified once the Registration Period for the course has closed.


There are discounts available for SOAS staff and students and also for staff and students of a number of University of London colleges. Please check here to see the list of colleges of which membership would qualify an applicant for a discount.

Terms and Conditions

Before applying, please be sure that you have read the SOAS Language Centre Terms and Conditions.

How to Apply

This course is not aimed at complete beginners. Unless you progress to this course from one of the Arabic Beginner 1 courses offered at the Language Centre, you will be expected to have already covered similar language content to what is covered in our Arabic Beginner 1 courses. You are advised to read online the syllabuses for both the Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 courses and enrol on the most suitable one for you.

If you are sure this is the right level for you, you can enrol for Beginners 2 on the Online Store here.

Important Note

Please note that, if you wish to progress smoothly to the next level of study, you should expect to devote enough time out of class to self-study and revision. Although the summer courses are designed to ensure that you make progress regardless of how much self-study you do, we strongly recommend that you put sufficient private study time aside to support the in-class tuition you receive. Please be aware that the pace of the summer courses is fast-moving. You are strongly advised not to over-commit yourself for the duration of a course that contains the word ‘intensive’ in its description. For those who wish to study at a more leisurely pace (one contact session of 2 hours a week), our term-time courses are ideally suited.

Continuing Your Study

This intensive course is equivalent to Beginner level 2; students who completed this course should be able to join Beginners level 3 in the Autumn or Winter Term of the academic year 2018-2019.


Please see Arabic (Modern Standard) Beginners 2 Course Contents and Synopsis (pdf; 58kb)  

Summary of Course Contents

Day 1

- Nationalities, Countries and Peopleالجنسية والبلاد والناس

- The Middle East (Capital Cities)

- Geographic Position

Day 2

- Talking about Country of Origin من أي بلد أنت؟

- Numbers 1-10 and Currencies With Relevant Rules

- Counting Things

Day 3

- In the Marketفي السوق؟

- How many? How much? كم؟ وبكم؟

- Describing What You Have, What You Want

- Going Shopping

Day 4

- Attending a Party الحفلة

- Gender Agreement In Noun and Adjective Words

- Colours

Day 5

- Talking about The Past (past verbs)ماذا حدث أمس؟

- Introduction to Dual and Some Plural Patterns

- Introduction to Past Tense Verbs

Day 6

- Talking about the Weather? كيف الطقس؟

- Numbers 11-100

- Talking About Holidays

- Writing Postcards

Day 7

- Days Of The Dayأيام الأسبوع 

- Using A Dictionary

- Describing Daily Routines

Day 8

- Basic Media Vocabulary

- More About Daily Routine

- Word Order, Reading and Writing

Day 9

- Singular and Plural Verbs

- More about Idafa

- Writing Practice

Day 10

- Conversation Practice

- Revision, review And Test