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SOAS Language Centre Summer Programme - Arabic

This summer, the SOAS Language Centre is offering a programme of intensive and semi-intensive courses in Modern Standard and Levantine Arabic. These courses are more intensive and faster-paced than our regular short evening courses and will suit those who wish to make faster progress in the target language learning and who can put in enough self-study hours.

Both in the semi-intensive and intensive modes, students are expected to complete at least two hours of self-study for every two hours of face-to-face tuition - one hour of preparation and one hour of homework. For those who wish to study at a more leisurely pace (one contact session of 2 hours a week and the minimum of 2 hours of self-study), our term-time courses are ideally suited.

Beginners 1 courses are for students with no existing knowledge of the language, whereas Beginners 2 are catered for those who have completed a Beginners 1 course at SOAS Language Centre or a similar course of approximately 20 hours of tuition elsewhere. In order to join a Beginners 3 course, you will need to have completed a SOAS Language Centre Beginners 2 course or its equivalent (approximately 40 hours of tuition).

All summer intensive and semi-intensive courses allow learners to progress by taking further additional courses through the Language Centre. Having completed a course, students can take the next level course in a later cycle of the summer programme or in any term of the academic year 2017-2018. Beginners 1 leads to Beginners 2, and then to Beginners 3. Please see individual language pages for course contents. Within the summer programme, it is possible to switch from one mode to the other, e.g. if you have taken an intensive Beginners 1 course, you can opt for a semi-intensive Beginners 2 in a later cycle. Upon the completion of a Beginners 1 course students also have an opportunity to switch to another dialect of Arabic, e.g. you can attend a course in Modern Standard Arabic and go on to join a course in Levantine Arabic.



MSA Semi-Intensive Beginners 2 (29th August - 8th September)

MSA Intensive Beginners 2 (4th September - 8th September)

Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read SOAS Language Centre Terms and Conditions before applying to any of the courses.


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