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Chinese (Mandarin) Pre-Advanced Course

Duration: 3 terms, 10 weeks per term, 20 hours blended learning. Each term courses are subject to quorum requirements.

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Mode of Attendance: Part-time

The course is designed to further improve the practical language skills of its participants who have attained an Upper Intermediate level of Mandarin Chinese, particularly in terms of using an appropriate language form and vocabulary to communicate and express themselves. The course will use authentic materials such as newspapers, journals, films or television clips. While writing will be dealt with in the course, there will be no compulsory writing assignments.

This will be achieved through 20 hours of blended learning: this is composed of 15 hours of online structured lessons with the teacher. This is supplemented by a minimum of 5 hours of guided independent learning supported by complementary material and regular feedback from the tutor. The course objective will be achieved within the 10-week course

Online Course Requirements

Please ensure you have checked the Learner Support page 


Course materials, if not supplied, are not included in the fee but can be purchased from SOAS bookshop

Entry Requirements and Progression Route

To be able to join Chinese Pre-Advanced you need to have completed an Upper Intermediate level course in Mandarin Chinese at SOAS Language Centre or have an equivalent knowledge of guided learning hours (approximately 300 hours). The progression route from Chinese Pre-Advanced 1 is to Chinese Pre-Advanced 2; from Pre-Advanced 2 to Pre-Advanced 3. Upon successful completion of Chinese Pre-Advanced 3 you will be able to progress to an Advanced level course in Chinese Mandarin.

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