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One-week Easter Intensive Survival Japanese in Spoken Japanese for Beginners

Duration: one week - 20 hours

The course is designed to give participants with no previous knowledge of Japanese the ability to communicate within a limited range of everyday situations covering dates and time, food and drink, shopping, likes and dislikes and travelling.
The course is taught in English and Japanese. An appropriate balance is struck between communicative activities, structure, practice and grammar but the emphasis on this course is on speaking.

Summary of Course Contents

Week 1
  • Introducing oneself
  • Asking for and giving information about self, places and objects
  • Asking for and giving time
  • Asking for and understanding price
  • Asking for and understanding information about travelling on public transport
Areas covered:
  • Common objects, places and people
  • Place names
  • Time expressions
  • Prices and numbers
  • Travelling

The course is taught in small groups with a maximum of twelve participants per group. Participants receive 4 hours of intensive language tuition per day amounting to a total of 20 hours of tuition in case of Full Time course.
Please note that the writing system is not covered in this course given its short run. If you are particularly interested in learning the writing system you may prefer to consider our 10- and 12-week courses suitable for complete beginners.

Aside from the writing system, there is some overlap in the content of our 1-week intensive course and our 10-week courses.

Fee for this course

The fee for this 20-hour course is £295 payable in advance.

You can enrol via our online store.