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Preparatory Classes for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

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Mode of Attendance: Full-time

For information on the Proficiency Test held here at SOAS see our Japanese Language Proficiency Test pages

Aims of the classes

These preparation classes aim to provide a thorough coverage of examination technique for candidates for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

The classes are intended for revision, and participants should already have studied sufficient Japanese to cover the syllabus requirements of the examination at their chosen level. 


The classes comprise a series of graded homeworks covering each section of the proficiency test, characters, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension and grammar, and culminating in several complete past papers. The papers are discussed in class, and with a maximum of twelve in each group there will be ample opportunity to discuss personal areas of difficulty.

Since December 2010 JLPT has consisted of 5 levels, and The Japan Foundation no longer publishes past papers for the new arrangement of levels. We will use past papers up to 2009 where appropriate.


SOAS Language Centre does not offer a level check for candidates wishing to enrol for JLPT or to take a preparatory course. Please consult your tutor about the level that is appropriate for you, or check websites such as the JLPT homepage.

Student Reports

We asked students who have taken a JLPT prep course to let us know if they found it useful:

 Gloria, Level N5:


Gloria studies Japanaese at SOAS Language Centre

I joined the N5 prep classes in December as I was unsure about my ability to pass the exam. In a classroom setting I was able to openly exchange ideas with others as well as consider different approaches in my studying techniques. I feel as though I learnt more than just being able to pass the exam.

I'm more than pleased with my results and the continued support I've received at SOAS, and I will go on to take the next level in the summer!




Rob Lee studies Japanese at SOAS Language Centre
Rob, Level N2:


Passing JLPT isn't just about how good your Japanese is. Examination technique is critical. How quickly you can answer and comprehend questions and passages, as well as spotting the tricks which can slip you up, one verb or one different tense can alter the whole meaning of a passage. 

I found the JLPT prep course very useful as I met people who were also enthused about taking the JLPT test and this motivated me. I also found the listening practice very useful and I highly recommend this course.




Text books:

For Level N1: "Nihongo nouryoku shiken N1 yosou Mondai-shuu (kaiteiban)"
For Level N2: "Nihongo nouryoku shiken N2 yosou Mondai-shuu"
For Level N3: "Nihongo nouryoku shiken N3 yosou Mondai-shuu (kaiteiban)"
For Level N4: "Nihongo nouryoku shiken N4 yosou Mondai-shuu"
For Level N5: "Nihongo nouryoku shiken N5 yosou Mondai-shuu"

See our course materials page for a fuller description.

These books are not included in the course fee. They are available from the SOAS Bookshop .

Fees and funding


How To Apply

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