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Russian Post-Beginners Course

A communicative Russian language course for Post-Beginners

Duration: 10 weeks per term, 2 hours per week. Each term classes are subject to quorum requirements.

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Mode of Attendance: Part-time

This course is catered for learners who have covered between 20 and 40 hours of tuition in Russian, either at SOAS Language Centre or elsewhere.

The Communicative Russian Course for Post-Beginners is designed for those who want to boost their Russian language skills and who wish to communicate in Russian confidently, both in a professional context and in basic everyday situations.


The course is taught in Russian and English. Based on the flipped classroom approach and communicative method of language learning, this course is a combination of individually tailored online resources and engaging classroom tuition. Classroom activities are fun and communicative, focusing primarily on developing learners' listening and speaking skills. Differentiated and customised tasks in reading, writing and language practice are offered as prep work or self-study, followed by classroom practice and discussion where necessary. Each student is offered an individual learning plan catered to their learning needs and objectives, and all students receive regular feedback on their achievements, as well as personalised advice for future progress.


Online learning materials and paper handouts are designed specifically for each session of the course, with the use of various resources, primarily the following:

Chernyshov, S. (2014) Poekhali! – 1. (Revised edition). Saint Petersburg: Zlatoust


The topics listed below are provided as guidelines. The course content is customised to cater for each student's individual learning needs and objectives.

Sessions 1-2

Topic: 'Visiting Russian Homes'


- Prepositional Case of nouns and adjectives

- Accusative Case for directions

- Comparative and Superlative degrees of adjectives and adverbs

- Genitive Case in negative sentences.

Sessions 3-4

Topic: 'Russian Cities'


- Verbs of motion without prefixes

- Noun case forms and prepositions for directions

Sessions 5-6

Topic: 'Travelling in Russia'


- Verbs of motion with prefixes

- Genitive plural with numerals

Sessions 7-8

Topic: 'Russian Cuisine'


- Dative and Instrumental Cases of nouns, adjectives and pronouns

- Revision of cases

Sessions 9-10

Topic: 'Russian Art and Culture'


- Imperfective and Perfective verbs

- Subordinate clauses of purpose

- Consolidation and revision