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Learner Support

SOAS Language Centre provides a range of learning support activities and resources to its students.

Logging On

Language Centre students are given usernames and passwords at the beginning of their course. The Language Centre ID card will allow you to use the SOAS library online sources and print and photocopy anywhere on the SOAS Campus. All cards are valid until your course finishes.

SOAS LC Moodle Courses

As a SOAS LC student, you will be offered language learning support on our virtual learning platform - BLE (Bloomsbury Learning Environment). Please follow the steps below to access the BLE Moodle courses created by your language tutor.

- When you receive the Confirmation of Enrolment letter from your Language Administrator, note the username and password specified in the letter (e.g. L35678, Ch5943kb).

- If you are a new student at SOAS LC and have just received the username and password, you need to access the BLE so that you get registered in the system. Go to the webpage of Bloomsbury Learning Environment and log in using your unique username and password.

- If you are a returning student, please note that your BLE account has been updated rather than created anew, i.e. you will need to use the username and password you received when you first enrolled with us.

- After you have successfully logged in, find your Moodle course by using the course code or the full title of the course (e.g. 39807 Korean Elementary). Enrol yourself on the Moodle course and access the content.

- Please note that self-enrolment option may be cancelled for your Moodle course upon the tutor's request. If your course does not allow self-enrolment or if you face any other issues with accessing BLE (e.g. problems logging in; difficulty finding your course; issues with enrolment or accessing the content), please email the relevant member of Language Centre staff for help.

Online Resources

SOAS Language Centre offers a wide range of learning materials online through the Bloomsbury Learning Environment or Moodle. 

Download your choice of online language learning materials here. Then play them, on the move, on your mp3 player. You need your SOAS username and password to access these resources.

Your teacher will also recommend supplementary materials that you can easily access from a variety of sites through Google or similar search engines.

The different languages also have their own specific links to sources of language support, tips and advice for learners of the specific language. For example, for Japanese, you can access:

Jinrikisha - How We Learnt Japanese
Award-winning! Reports from SOAS Language Centre learners of Japanese talking about their joys and frustrations in learning the language. Lots of useful study tips.

How We Learn Languages
Inspired by the 'Jinrikisha' - How We Learnt Japanese project, we asked more language learners to share their do's and don't's with us. Click on each student's name to read more about their learning experience, including their most embarrasing faux-pas!

Learning Advice

Learners are encouraged to do out-of-class learning to back up their time in class.

Further advice on how you can make the most of your independent language learning time can be found here: Independent Language Learning.

SOAS Library

The Library at SOAS houses over 1.2 million volumes and a growing number of electronic resources. The Library offers training sessions in the use of its language resources. 

Short Course students are given library cards which allow access to the Library for reference only, with no borrowing rights. Certificate and Diploma students are issued with a plastic SOAS ID card, granting access to all Library services.

SOAS Bookshop

The SOAS Bookshop is situated in the Brunei Gallery.