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Logging in and setting up your SOAS Gmail account: info for Language Centre students

1. Logging in to SOAS computers or SOAS web pages behind a log in

Your username and password are issued with your course registration letter. Look for the page with the palm tree.

If you find that your password is not accepted at login, try entering the characters in lower case. A recent policy change at SOAS requires passwords to contain at least one lower case character.

2. Your SOAS Google email (Gmail) account

You can access your SOAS e-mail account at  using the same username and password. 
Need help with this? Language Centre students can email the relevant Language Administrator

Not a Language Centre student? Email our colleagues at

3. Printing, Photocopying

You are given a print credit of 150 free sheets in SOAS computer workstation rooms (including the Language Resources Room) when your username is first created. Subsequent print-outs cost 5p per sheet. Print credit machines are located at the entrance to SOAS Library and within it.

Unused print credit will not be refunded, carried forward or transferred. Printing can only be done when your username is valid and you have print credit. 

Photocopying may be done within SOAS Library. Photocopy cards can be purchased and recharged within the Library.

4. Activation, Expiry

Your SOAS username is normally made valid two days before your course starts. It normally expires at the end of your course.