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Lower Advanced Japanese Class Projects 2004

In April - May 2004 our LAJ students conducted their own research into Japanese history (term 2) and Japanese objects of interest (term 3).

In Japanese history, Chris Burke presents theories of the origin of the Japanese, where they come from and who they are, and Peter Maksym investigates how, despite its humble origin, Samurai managed to be so powerful in Japan .

In Japanese objects of interest, students are asked to research into the socio-historical aspects of Japanese objects of their choice. Sharon Chou and Kata Gregory introduce “koinobori”, a set of carp shaped banners. Waiwa Young and Robin Harding delve into “okonomiyaki”, often refered to as “Japanese pizza”, while Christine Tseng writes a full report on Japanese traditional sweets “wagashi” and their development from 1,000AD. Katherine Churcher reports on a love hotel in Japan in a great “tongue-in-cheek” style. Peter Maksym describes the origin and the fate of “ukiyoe”, and Ian Rapley explains what is really going on in “sumo” wrestling.

Japanese History:

Origin of the Japanese 日本人の起源

Bushi no shinpo  武士の進歩

Objects of Interest:

Koinobori 鯉のぼり (2)

Okonomiyaki お好み焼き (2)

Wagashi 和菓子の歴史

Love hotel ラブホテル

Ukiyoe 浮世絵

Sumo 相撲