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Advanced 2005

My favourite Japanese places

John Chisholm:

Okayama: Okayama: Personalised, yet very informative introduction to the birthplace of all the famous Japanese Shinto mythologies. It is a spiritual place indeed!

Juliet Downing:

Okinawa: Juliet daydreams about the day she can finally visit Okinawa, where the tradition of the mysterious and attractive Ryuukyuan culture flourished and still carries on today.

Kata Gregory:

Niigata: Our own ex-diplomate, ex-JLPT preparatory course participant Kata reveals Niigata, where romance can be found among the northern natural beauty.

Peter Maksym:

Fukushima: The entrance to the sacred Japanese Alps, where the first mythical emperor praised its beauty in his poem. Peter goes on an arduous trek through the dynamic scenery that will remain with you forever.