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Lower Advanced Japanese Class Projects 2006

From April to June 2006, The Language Centre's lower advanced students of Japanese produced essays on Japan-related matters.

Robert Corlett expresses his view on the Japanese and their health awareness. He argues that the Japanese take particular care of their health and this is reflected in their philosophy and daily routines. Julia Curry explores why Japanese designs have become very popular worldwide, pointing out that the Shinto principle of “spirits within everything” has a direct bearing on how functions and appearances are combined in Japanese designs. Ada Ng researches into the best invention in Japan. Is it Karaoke, or is it Walkman? Bill Pohl relates the history of our beloved Bullet train - Shinkansen from its conception to today, touching on what initial and subsequent challenges the Japanese had to overcome for its realisation. Juemin Xu provides a detailed history of the Japanese habit of bathing, touching on how it came about, its cultural significance, and its non-human fans, of course.

Japanese Culture:

Nihonjin to kenkou 日本人と健康:ロバート・コーレット

Nihon no dezain 日本のデザイン:ジュリア・カリー

Instant Ramen インスタントラーメン:アダ・ング

Shinkansen no rekishi 新幹線の歴史:ビル・ポール

Oyuba お湯場:ジューミン・シュー