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Lower Advanced Japanese Projects 2007

From April to June 2007, the Language Centre’s Lower Advanced students of Japanese produced essays on Japan-related matters.

Tatiana Pakhomova frankly reflects on what it was like to live in the Japanese countryside as the only “gaijin” in the community, from the dreamy honeymoon period to the frustration of being an outsider, and then finally reaching a more profound understanding of Japan and of herself. 

Honestly written with acute insights, Sonja Ruehl introduces Souseki Natsume, the pre-modern literary giant and his not-so-famous essay on London life in the early 1900s, arguing it is as useful for her to know what life was like then as it must have been for Souseki’s Japanese contemporaries.

Sami Kaptan gives a tour of modern Japanese literature and its most famous authors, namely Haruki Murakami, Banana Yoshimoto and Ryu Murakami with useful critical reviews of their well known works.

Japanese society

Gaijin no Nikki 外人の日記: タチアーナ・パモーホバ 

Nihon no kaisha 日本の会社: ヴィッキー・シーペル

Japanese culture

Souseki no London 漱石のロンドン: ソニヤ・ルール 

Nihon no Sakka 日本の作家: サミ・カプタン