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Lower Advanced Japanese Class Projects 2010

From April to June 2010, SOAS Language Centre’s Lower Advanced students of Japanese produced essays on Japan-related matters.

Cheryl introduces the famous Tsukiji fish market, which is also a tourist attraction, in Tokyo. She delves into its historical background as well as the current problems it faces.

Alethea and George report on Kabuki, having seen “Yoshitsune Senbonzakura”. They comments on its history, and some differences between British theatre and Kabuki.

Karen shares the result of her research: why do the Japanese wear T-shirts with incorrectly written or meaningless English on them? Don’t they care what is written there? Read on to find out!

Jeremy writes about the Japanese sword shop he visited in Tokyo, with some research into the history of sword making and his honest reaction to it.

Greta writes about the Japanese transport system and the manners of its commuters, insightfully comparing them with those of her home country Italy.

Tsukiji ichiba 築地市場:シェリル・アルドリッジ

Kabuki 歌舞伎:アリシア・ワリンガトン

Eigo de kakareta T-shirt 英語で書かれたTシャツ:カレン・コーニッシュ

Kabuki towa 歌舞伎とは:ジョージ・ブレイク

Japanese sword 日本刀:ジェレミー・ブール

Nezu niwa irarenai 寝ずにはいられない:グレタ・ロッシ