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Lower Advanced Japanese Class Projects 2011

From April to June 2011, the Language Centre’s lower advanced students of Japanese produced essays on Japan-related matters.

Brigitte reports on her experience with kadou (the way of flowers) and offers her findings from her research into its cultural and historical background.

Camille writes about the world's biggest crane tanchouduru - how it faced extinction in the 1950s, and its cultural significance in Japanese culture today.

Jessica shares her experience of working in Japan in a tourist office and explores the worries and myths that foreigners often express about travelling in Japan.

“What would you take back to UK from Japan when you go back?” – Peter was asked when he was still teaching in Shikoku. He realises what he brought back was not an item, but the Japanese mentality he learnt through iaidou (the way of fighting stance).

Robert celebrates Godzilla the ultimate anti-hero and delves into its conception, the political background and how it attracted the imagination of Japanese children.

Sally wonders why there is such a strong antagonism between neighbouring countries Japan and China. She starts with public opinion and then looks at how “public diplomacy” may be able to assist the two countries to get on with each other better. But her conclusion is that public diplomacy will not eradicate the mutual distrust of the two countries.

Brigitte Cann: Kadou no rekishi  華道の歴史:ブリジット・カン

Camille Whitcher: Tanchouduru  丹頂鶴:カミール・ウィッチャー

Jessica Geldart: Nihon no kankou  日本の観光:ジェシカ・ゲルダート

Peter Sutcliffe: Iaido  居合道:ピーター・サットクリフ

Robert Lee: Godzilla ゴジラ:ロバート・リー

Sally Herd: Nihon to Chuugoku  日本と中国:サリー・ハード