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Learning Advice: Worksheets and Helpsheets

The following worksheets and help sheets provide ideas for you to try out in order to make your language learning more fun. They also provide support and advice, as many of us can often feel de motivated while learning a language.

The documents are all in PDF format and downloadable.

If you would like to reflect on why you are learning the language, and you would like to set clear learning objectives, the help sheets on Managing your Learning will be useful.

Managing your Learning:

If you would like some general tips on language learning, or you are having difficulties with grammar terms, please read the following:

If you need ideas about learning vocabulary, you may like the following helpsheets:

For help with learning tones, we have the following helpsheets:

If you like to watch satellite TV, either in the Language Study Room or at home, the following worksheets will give you ideas for language learning tasks. Integrating foreign films, drama series, news bulletins, TV quizzes, or adverts in your language learning can be great fun!

We also provide some language specific help sheets:

If you would like to know more about translation, please read the following: