SOAS University of London

SOAS Language Centre

Language Entitlement Programme (LEP)

SOAS would like all its students to possess at least a basic working knowledge of one of the languages which are taught in the School.

During this year of transition to the new LEP arrangements, students who joined SOAS before 2018-19 and who have not yet taken a free LEP class in the Language Centre will still be able to have a free class. This includes all under-graduate and post-graduate students, full-time or part-time and students on joint degrees who registered prior to this academic year.

Other students may also be eligible, if they are unable to take an open option class during their time at SOAS.

All SOAS students who are not eligible for LEP or those who want to take a second language class can enrol for any Language Centre course at the special student price (25% discount). Please see here for more details.

How do the free LEP classes in the Language Centre work?

  • 2-hour class, once a week, in the evening
  • Over 10 consecutive weeks in Term 2 starting the week beginning 14th January
  • Tuition is free but there is a £20, non-refundable admin fee
  • Post-beginners must take an assessment
  • All levels of course are available but post-beginners must take an assessment first
  • You may need to buy course materials
  • There are no exams and the courses are not credit-bearing; however, you can request a certificate of attendance
  • Places in classes are offered on a first-come basis depending on places available
  • In enrolling for a class, students accept LEP Terms and Conditions.

Enrolment for 'Beginner' classes closed at the deadline but post-beginners have till 7th January to book in for the required assessment. If you applied for a Beginner class by the deadline, giving three choices of class, our LEP Administrator, Romany, will get back to you next week with details of how to sign up for the free class that is available. If places are unavailable in any of the options you selected, you may be offered an alternative language class where there are still places or asked to wait till next term.