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Language Entitlement Programme (LEP)

SOAS would like all its students to possess at least a basic working knowledge of one of the languages which are taught in the School.

The Language Entitlement Programme for this final year is for students who started studying at SOAS prior to 2018-19.

All SOAS students who are not eligible for LEP this year or those who want to take a second language class can enrol for any Language Centre course at the special student price (25% discount). Please see here for more details.

Taking a class in one of these world languages is an exciting, intellectually and personally enriching experience and adds a distinctive element to your CV which can improve your employability.

How do the free LEP classes work?

  • 2-hour class, once a week, in the evening
  • Over 10 consecutive weeks in Term 2 starting the week beginning 14th January
  • Tuition is free if you are eligible* for this final year of LEP but there is a £20, non-refundable admin fee
  • All levels of course are available but enrolment for Beginners 1 classes is through SID (see below)
  • You may need to buy course materials
  • There are no exams and the courses are not credit-bearing; however, you can request a certificate of attendance
  • Places in classes are offered on a first-come basis

* eligibility for a free place will be checked prior to enrolment by student number.

Enrolment for the free Term 2 transitional LEP classes in the Language Centre runs from 9.00am Monday 5th November till 9.00am Monday 10th December. No enrolments for or enquiries about these transitional LEP classes in the Language Centre can be taken at the Language Centre Office after 10th December. In enrolling for a class, students accept the LEP Term & Conditions.

How do I enrol if I am a Complete Beginner?

Enrolment for all Beginner 1 classes is done only through the SID. Please first view the LEP timetable then log into SID. In SID, follow:

- Remedyforce Self-Sevice

- Request a Service

- My Studies


- Complete the online registration

When you receive an email from SOAS Language Centre with payment information, follow the instructions in the email and pay the admin fee to enrol onto the course. Please note that you need to pay the £20 admin fee to enrol onto the course and, until then, your place is not secured.

There are instructions on the LEP page in SID and it’s very quick and easy. Please make sure you accept the  LEP Terms and Conditions (pdf; 115kb)  before you register through SID.

You do not have to contact the Language Centre about enrolling for a Beginner 1 Class unless you have a question, which you should send through SID.

How do I enrol if I am not a Complete Beginner?

You can enrol for a free place in any level of course we offer in Term 2. See here all the available Term 2 courses.

If you have some knowledge of the language, do not apply through SID but follow our language assessment process.  Please note, due to great demand for places at a higher level, please arrange to take your assessment as early as possible during November.

If you have some knowledge of the language, do not use SID but follow our language assessment process:

- look at the  CEFR Language Level Specifications (pdf; 116kb)  

- complete and submit the Online Self-Assessment Form – please state ‘LEP’ by your name so we can assess you asap.

contact the relevant Language Administrator who will arrange a time for a placement assessment with one of our teachers at the Language Centre

- come to the Language Centre at the arranged time for the assessment.

You will be placed in a suitable class in which there are places available and then sent instructions about how to enrol.

Should you have any problems in enrolling, please contact the Language Administrator using your SOAS email account.

Deadline for all non-SID Post-Beginner 1 applications: 9.00am on 10th December 2018.