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The link to the Online Store will take you to the section of the SOAS website where you can pay for your chosen course. Before you enter the Online Store, please do the following:

  • Find out when the chosen course is scheduled (Timetables).
  • Find out what the chosen course involves. (The relevant language page will direct you to the course contents and synopsis).
  • Read our Terms and Conditions.

Do not buy a course above absolute beginner level (Beginners 1) if you already have some knowledge of the target language. If you do, you will then be required to change class and there is a risk that places in a class at the correct level may not be available.

If you are not a complete beginner and not a returning student, prior to booking a course you must complete a language assessment and submit the Language Centre Application Form (pdf; 32kb) .Please check the How to Apply for Short Courses page for more details on applications and enrolment and see the Assessment and Placement on the Course for guidelines on the procedures of language assessment.

If you have any further queries on the application procedures and payment for the course, please contact the relevant Language Administrator in order to arrange language assessment. In case you are facing issues with the Online Store, please contact the Language Centre Systems Administrator.

After you complete and submit the Online Self-Assessment Form, a Language Administrator will contact you by email or by phone to schedule an assessment with a teacher. After the assessment and placement on the course are completed, your application and payment will be processed by the Language Administrator.