SOAS University of London

Faculty of Languages and Cultures

Online Submission Guide

Below are general notes for all students with online assessed courses.

Viewing your marked essays

When your essays have been marked your tutor will be in touch. You may then view your essay by returning to the essay submission screen.


  1. Essay deadlines for all online submissions are 11:59pm (23:59) on the date due. We do however advise you submit earlier than midnight in case you encounter any difficulties.
  2. Assignments will be open for late submission until the final school deadline date (Friday, Week 2, Term 3). After this date no further online submissions will be possible.  If you need to submit after the final school deadline for any reason, contact your faculty office for advice.
  3. Penalties for late submissions are applied on each day a piece of work is late, including weekends.  A deduction of 2% per day will be applied to all late submissions.
  4. When submitting your essay AFTER the essay deadline please email your course tutor to advise them as soon as you have submitted. Tutors will not automatically be notified of late submissions and failure to contact them could result in your essay not being marked by the final school deadline.

Format and File Details

  1. Your essay must be submitted as one single file. Do not split your essay, bibliography or appendix items into separate documents.  
  2. On the first page should be displayed: your student ID, course title, course code, tutor's name, assignment number and word count.
  3. Your submitted file must be less than 20 MB in size.
  4. Essays may be in either MS Word, WordPerfect, PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF or plain text format.
  5. If you have scanned your essay to a PDF file, ensure you encode the file using OCR (optical character recognition).


  1. Remember: essay submission is a two-step process.
    • First you select your file and click UPLOAD.
    • Then, after viewing the basic preview of your essay, you must click SUBMIT. Your essay is not submitted until you have done so and email confirmation received.
  2. Preview your essay: on clicking UPLOAD a preview of your essay will be displayed. This is a text-only preview and will not show footnotes, illustrations and formatting. Its purpose is to allow you to check the correct file has been selected for upload and the display is not an indication of how your submitted essay will be formatted when received.
  3. Confirmation of successful submission will be provided by an automatic email delivered to your student email address. This is your proof of submission - do not delete this file. If you do not receive this receipt, re-attempt submission. 
  4. Resubmitting Essays:
    • Before the essay deadline has passed submitted essays are considered draft and can be resubmitted/overwritten repeatedly. To resubmit work click the resubmit button from the assignment submission screen.
    • After the essay deadline essays cannot be resubmitted.


  1. If you are having difficulties accessing BLE, your course or your assignment screen refer to the Technical Support page.
  2. If you have a condition that would make it difficult to submit online, please contact your faculty office or the disabilities office.