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Technical Support

Blackboard operates on a separate server from both the SOAS website and the SOAS email system. Server downtime is rare, short and usually notified on the BLE home page in advance.

If however you are unable to connect, login or submit your file to BLE/Turnitin, please check the items below and the BLE for Students page for advice. 

I am unable to access the BLE website
  • Ensure you are logging in to ble
  • Try using a different web browser.  Both BLE and Turnitin work best in either Firefox or Internet Explorer. They are known to have some issues with Google Chrome or Safari.
  • There are sometimes periods of server downtime on SOAS student PCs in which case you should log off your PC, wait a period of time before attempting to login again. If problems persist, contact for support.
My login details do not work
  • Ensure you are using your 6 digit student ID (without including the final "") as your login and your SOAS email/login password as your password.
  • Ensure your fees are fully paid and all your registration details are correct. Students registered on courses but who have failed to pay their fees will have BLE access barred until such time as their fees are resolved.
  • If you still cannot login email to have your login name and password added/checked.
My course is not listed on BLE
  • This indicates your enrollment and course registration procedures have not been completed.  Your course registration form collected during enrollment must have your courses listed, be signed off and returned to the faculty office.  Until this is done you will not be formally registered and will not have BLE access.
  • In rare cases your course convenor may not have activated their course for student viewing.  Please check with your teacher.  
The preview of my essay shown after clicking "upload" looks nothing like the essay I am trying to submit
  • Don't worry. Simply use this preview to check the actual text matches the text you would expect to see (i.e. that you have attached the correct essay and not some completely different file). All images, colours, footnotes, fonts and other features are removed from this view in order to display your essay in the small space available.
  • If you wish to check your essay once it has been submitted, return to the submission screen and select the relevant assignment as if you were attempting submission again. As you have already submitted you will now be presented with the "portfolio" screen. Clicking "Show details" and then "Download paper" will allow you to download a copy of the essay exactly as you have submitted it.
I cannot find where to submit my essay
  • The assignment submission screen is located in the left menu bar of your course under Assignments (this may differ slightly depending on how your tutor has set up their BLE pages). From there, clicking View/Complete under the relevant assignment will take you to the submission screen. Full submission instructions can be found at the Online Submission Guide.
  • If there are no assignments visible in the Assignments screen confirm your course is participating in online submission
I have tried to submit late but BLE tells me it will not accept submissions after the due date
  • Contact your faculty office. This problem is caused by an incorrect setting in BLE which is easily fixed. 
It is before the essay deadline and I wish to resubmit my essay but BLE will not let me
  • Contact your faculty office.  This is a result of a BLE setting which your faculty office can alter.
I think I have submitted my essay but I have not received an email receipt
  • It is most likely you have not fully completed the submission procedure.  Ensure that after "uploading" your essay, and seeing the text only preview, you then click submit. You will receive a "You have successfully submitted..." message with a green tick when you have done so and the email receipt should follow shortly after. Selecting an essay for upload without clicking "submit" will not complete submission.
  • You can double check your essay has been submitted by returning to the submission screen and selecting the relevant assignment as if you were attempting submission. As you have already submitted you will now be presented with the "portfolio" screen. Clicking "Show details" and then "Download paper" will allow you to download a copy of the essay exactly as you have submitted it.