SOAS University of London

School of Law

Taught LLMs

The LLM programme is designed for students who already possess an undergraduate law degree and wish to study law at a post-graduate level. The programme may be completed either through one year of full-time study or two, three or four years of part-time study. All students apply to the general LLM programme, but have the option of pursuing a specialised LLM in one of 14 different areas.

An LLM student is required to successfully complete four (4.0) units. Year-long module are worth 1.0 unit, while single-term modules are worth 0.5 units. With permission of the LLM tutor, a student may include up to 1.0 unit of non-law SOAS postgraduate modules in their LLM, such as a relevant language module.

Within their 4.0 units, LLM students are required to write a 15,000 word dissertation. That dissertation will serve as the assessment for any one of the 1.0 unit modules in law chosen by the student. The dissertation topic will be determined by the student, but must be relevant to the module for which it serves as assessment.

A student who wishes to graduate with a specialised LLM is required to take at least three (3.0) units and write their dissertation within their chosen specialisation. Associated modules are listed in the “Structure” section of each specialised LLM programme.