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Our research in a global context

The SOAS School of Law is distinguished by its combination of thematic, disciplinary and specific regional expertise.

As a major department within the UK‟s only higher education institution dedicated to the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the School of Law has profound expertise in areas of the world that are of growing importance to the international economy and politics. This regional expertise is complemented by strengths in related fields such as international commercial law, trade law, public international law and legal theory. 

The research of our regional specialists draws upon local knowledge to explore the close connection between culture, religion, philosophy, politics and law. Our research is underpinned by linguistic expertise in a wide range of non-European languages including Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, Farsi, Gujarati, Hausa, Hebrew, Malay, Persian, Russian, Shona, Urdu, Thai and Yoruba. 

Other members of the School of Law engage with a range of broader thematic questions that bear upon this local legal knowledge. These include modes of regulation, the construction of the post-colonial 'other', the formation and persistence of indigenous regimes of justice and order and the interpenetration of international, regional and national legal orders. Our work examines processes of globalisation and the complex array of legal and regulatory initiatives that shape relations between the local and the global, particularly as they relate to Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Our principal research themes

Our research centres and programmes

Interdisciplinary centres

School of Law faculty members work within the context of broader interdisciplinary centres, the focal points for collaborative research activity at SOAS, notably: