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Carceral Policy, Policing and Race

Carceral Policy, Policing and Race Events

Undertaking a range of activities – investigative, educational, consultative, policy advisory, advocatory — this new initiative will assemble a network of academic researchers, public servants, practitioners, professionals and activists.  Both holistic and global in scope, the project adopts a comparative framework to explore the many dimensions of “incarceration” and “criminal justice” — prisons, policing, immigration detention, prosecution, courts and rehabilitation— and across multiple societies around the world — from London to Lagos. 

We are determined to ensure that our project is solutions-based. In fact, it is only by understanding the legacies of colonialism can we begin to understand how to move forward. Facilitating a knowledge exchange network, the project both identifies alternatives where they have been proposed and/or implemented by activists, communities and governments, and explores new paths that remain uncharted. The aim is to present a collection of work that can act as guidance for civil society actors, lawmakers and community justice projects alike. There is perhaps no institution more determined than SOAS to explore culturally specific and relevant reforms that can equip 21st-century nations to deal with the complex issues they face today.

Our aim is to run a workshop series (a number of online, small-scale, thematic workshops which take place over a number of months), culminating in a concluding 2-day workshop (hybrid or face-to-face). This conference will be the launching point for a project that aims to establish doctoral appointments, postdoctoral appointments and a postgraduate taught degree. 

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