SOAS University of London

Recent Dissertations (PhD)

Development Studies
  • Niels HAHN, 2012, The Political Economy of Armed Conflicts in Liberia
  • Ahmed Ijaz MALIK, 2012, Liberal Cosmopolitan and Realist Approaches to Gulf Wars 1991 and 2003: The Role of Discourse in Decision Making
  • Nandini NAYAK, 2012, Flexing legal texts: The Politics of Claiming a "Right to Work"
  • Vincent RICH, 2012, Carving a Life: The Political Economy of Woodcarver Livelihoods in Cabo Delgado, Northern Mozambique
  • Carina VAN ROOYEN, 2012, Articulated transformations and accumulation by dispossession: Rand Water in South Africa
  • Emmanuel CODJOE, 2012, Foreign Direct Investment in Ghanaian Manufacturing: Exploring the Extent of Technology Transfer and Exporting Behaviour of FDI Firms
  • Hazel GRAY, 2012, Tanzania and Vietnam: A Comparative Political Economy of Economic Transition
  • Bernd MUELLER, 2012, Working for Development? A Study of the Political Economy of Rural Labour Markets in Tanzania
  • Daniela TAVASCI, 2012, A Political Economy of the Argentinean External Debt in the 1990s
  • Chi-Jen WU, 2012, The Economic Integration of Greater China, the 1980s-2008: An Historical and Comparative Institutional Approach
Financial and Management Studies
  • Alisdair BROWN, 2012, Essays on the Economics of Betting Markets
  • Alessandra DAL COLLE, 2012, Essays on Financial Development and Growth
  • Zhongnan HUANG, 2012, Seasoned Equity Offerings in China
  • Tetsuji TANAKA, 2012, Risk Assessment of Food Supply: A Computable General Equlibrium Approach
  • Lucrezia TINCANI, 2012, Resillient Livelihoods: Adaptation, Food Security and Wild Foods in Rural Burkina Faso
  • Jonathan ERCANBRAK, 2012, The Law of Islamic Finance in the United Kingdom: Legal Pluralism and Financial Competition
  • Yuelong FAN, 2012, Parallel-and-Multiple Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in a Globalised World: Issues and Reforms
  • Victor KATTAN, 2012, The Tyranny of the Majority: Partition and the Evolution of Self-Determination in International Law 1492-1994
  • Maria Federica MOSCATI, 2012, The Tyranny of the Majority: Partition and the Evolution of Self-Determination in International Law 1492-1994
  • Peter Chikaodli NTEPHE, 2012, Does Africa Need another Kind of Law? Alterity and the Rule of Law in Subsaharan Africa
Politics and International Studies
  • Lucy CORKIN, 2012, Uncovering Agency: Angola's Management of Relations with China
  • Hardina OHLENDORF, 2012, The Construction of Taiwan Identity in the Global Field of Taiwan Studies
  • Hania SOBHY, 2012, Education and the Production of Citizenship in the Late Mubarak Era: Privatization, Discipline and the Construction of the Nation in Egyptian Secondary Schools
  • Pontep TANAKOSES, 2012, The Rise and Fall of the Thai Police: United States Covert Assistance and Thailand's Domestic Power Struggle, 1950-1957
  • Hanan TOUKAN, 2012, Art, Aid, Affect: Locating the Political in Post-Civil War Lebanon's Contemporary Cultural Practices