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Climate Justice and Climate Law: South-North Perspectives

The National Law University, Delhi (NLUD) and the SOAS Law, Environment and Development Centre are offering a two-week online certificate course on climate justice titled 'Climate Justice and Climate Law: South-North Perspectives' from 27 June-8 July 2022. The course will focus on the intersection between climate justice and climate change law and policy, framed around understanding justice linked to equity within and among countries.

The central axis for understanding climate justice at the international level is differentiation, or the idea that equity requires the global North to do more than the global South in addressing climate change. At the national level, inequality calls for ensuring that the most marginalised and poorest citizens are not made to bear the brunt of policies addressing climate change. This course will frame these issues by emphasising the global South-global North dimensions of the international climate change regime and focus on India as one significant example for understanding climate justice at the national level.

The course will bring together experts from the global South and global North. It will employ a unique pedagogical approach of combining lectures, class exercises, self-study and course work. Roundtable discussions and interactive talks with experts also form an integral part of the programme.

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  • Course Details

    The course will take place over a period of two weeks. Classes will be held online between 2pm and 10pm IST (9.30am-5pm UTC+1). A minimum of 80% attendance and timely completion of assessments is mandatory for enrolled students to receive the certificate.

    There are no course fees as the course is free.

    Course Outline

    Day 1. Climate change – scientific, economic and social context (27 June 2022)

    Day 2. The international climate change regime (28 June 2022)

    Day 3. Principles of the international climate change regime (29 June 2022)

    Day 4. Politics of climate change and energy policy (30 June 2022)

    Day 5. Climate justice (1 July 2022)

    Day 6. Law and policy responses in South Asia: Adaptation, mitigation and resilience (4 July 2022)

    Day 7. Carbon markets, carbon finance and equity (5 July 2022)

    Day 8. Liability, loss & damage and disaster risk management (6 July 2022)

    Day 9. Human rights, displacement and migration (7 July 2022)

    Day 10. Climate Change-related Litigation (8 July 2022)

  • Contact Us

    For queries/questions regarding this course, contact Gayathri D Naik, Assistant Professor, National Law University, New Delhi, at with the subject line 'Certificate Course on Climate Justice'.