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Legal and Governance Directorate

Who we are and what we do:

The Legal & Governance Directorate is one of the School's groupings of Professional and Support Services and is headed by the Director of Legal & Governance, who reports to the COO. 

As well as providing central management, guidance and co-ordination for the School’s activities, the Legal & Governance Directorate provides a number of central services in specialist areas: equality and diversitygovernance, secretariat management and committees,  as well as student grievance and disciplinary cases

Equality and Diversity:

The Diversity and Inclusion Manager provides advice and support on all equality issues, including those covered by legislation i.e. age, disability, ethnicity/race, gender, religion/faith/belief, sexual identity and sexual orientation. More about Equality and Diversity


Services in this area are led by the Head of Governance who is supported by the  Governance & Project Officer, and includes responsibility for committees and the School's governance structures, such as SOAS's Charter and Standing Orders

Our Head of Department says:

The Legal & Governance Directorate provides central management, guidance and co-ordination for the School's activities, in conjunction with the SOAS Governing Body and supporting committee structure. The team within the Directorate provides services to the School in a number of professional areas from equality, diversity and inclusion to information compliance as well as portfolio and project governance to committee management. The Directorate staff provide the essential support to a number of members of the School's senior management team based in the School's Directorate including the Director, the three Pro-Directors, the Registrar and Secretary.

Contact information:

First Floor, Main Building, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London, WC1H 0XG

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