SOAS University of London

Legal and Governance Directorate

Insurance Cover

This is a Zurich Municipal Standard Insurance Letter (pdf; 569kb) which can be given to individuals or organisations to confirm the extent of the School's liability cover.

Travel Insurance

A comprehensive travel insurance policy is in force for all employees for travel undertaken on behalf of the School.

Please apply for an insurance travel card from your Faculty/Department administrator or directly from: You should take this card with you whenever you are travelling abroad.

Please note that:

  • Travel to Disturbed Areas is excluded unless terms are agreed in advance.
  • Travel for periods over six months is excluded unless agreed in advance

Losses should be reported immediately to the local police or the transport carrier.

Receipts should be obtained to support your claim.

To arrange cover for disturbed areas or for periods of more than six months as well as further details of the insurance cover please contact