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Publishing Material

Why do I need to seek permission to publish?

Many of our collections, and items contained within them, are in copyright and are subject to restrictions in terms of their use for anything other than private research. Requests for publication, broadcast and display must be obtained from the copyright holder in advance. It is the responsibility of the person wishing to publish material to trace the copyright holder and to secure the necessary permissions. For further information please see Copyright Guidance for SOAS Library Users.

When do I need to seek permission to publish?

Permission is required to publish images of material held in the collections, and also to publish transcripts of all or a 'substantial' part of an item. This applies to all forms of publication:

  • Printed/hard copy publications, including books, journal articles and exhibition catalogues
  • Electronic publications, including websites and digital resources such as DVDs and CDs
  • Use in a film, video or television broadcast
  • Use in a public display or exhibition (in any form)
  • Use in any kind of merchandise

Permission is not required for:

  • Reproduction of material in a work submitted towards an academic qualification only
  • The publication of short quotations or passages from documents, provided a full citation of the source is given

How do I obtain permission to publish?

While we can deal directly with requests to publish SOAS material applicants should be aware that Special Collections at SOAS Library also holds archives that are owned by external organisations, and that requests for permission to publish material from these archives will need to be made directly to the organisation concerned. In all cases we ask that you contact us in the first instance with brief details of:

  • Details of the item to be published, including SOAS reference
  • Type of publication
  • Author, title and publisher

Will I need to pay any fees?

Reproduction fees may be payable for the use of material in publications. Please contact us for further details.

Please note that requests for filming to be undertaken on the premises at SOAS Library are subject to a separate Media Policy and that additional fees are payable.

How should I cite material?

When citing/referencing material from SOAS Library (regardless of copyright status) you should follow the referencing style guidance provided by your department or publisher, but please ensure you include as a minimum the following information:

  • The location of the material (i.e. SOAS Library)
  • The full document reference (i.e. the information provided in the 'Order with this Reference'  field of the items entry on the SOAS Archive Catalogue)