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  • Business News
    • News databases
      This webpage provides lists of the news databases available at SOAS. You can access newspapers, news wires and news transcripts from around the world.  
    • Al-Jazeera (English)
      An international, multi-award winning news channel with over sixty bureaus around the world that span six different continents. Also available in Arabic.
    • Business Week
      A Bloomberg production, this online magazine is renowned for its business news, trends and profiles of successful businesspeople.
    • Reuters – Business News
      Provides up to the minute news with an extensive business section.
    • (Financial Times)
      The online version of the Financial Times with extra features and regular updates. You need a subscription for the latest news (student rate here), but you can access up to the previous month via our Access World News database- see the News Databases page for details.
    • Forbes
      A leading US source for reliable business news and financial information.
  • Data and Statistics

    Data and statistics play a crucial role in Social Science research. This page lists some of the major sets of data available, by region covered. In addition there are also some Chinese language statistical databases.

    Data and Statistics
    SOAS Library subscribes to a number of databases, such as DataStream and UK Data Service- which provides IMF data, International Energy Agency data, International Social Survey and OECD data. For details, please consult this listing. 

    There are also many free sources of statistics on the web

    • Africa Open Data
      Aims to be largest repository of Data on the Africa Continent.
    • Guardian Data Store
      A directory of useful data sets that can be used to build applications.
      Provides data on 266 socio-economic variables under 18 categories for the 57 OIC Member Countries dating back to 1970.
    • Open Data Index
      Assesses the state of open data around the world, based on peer-reviewed submissions by a global community of open data advocates and experts.
    • OffStats
      Maintained by the University of Auckland Library, this database provides access to free statistics from official sources on the web.
    • UN Data
      Search UN statistical databases through a single entry point 
    • Bank of England
      The Bank compiles and publishes a range of monetary and financial statistics. These Include domestic banking statistics, external finance statistics and international banking statistics.
    • World Trade Organisation (WTO) International Trade and Tariff Data
      Extensive access to trade and tariff data.
    • IMD World Competitiveness
      The most comprehensive database on the competitiveness of nations. It includes 18-year time series from the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook.
    • British Library Business and IP Centre
      A wide range of resources are available from onsite at the British Library.
    • List of National Statistics Offices
      UN List of National Statistics Offices
    • American Economic Association: Data resources for Economists
      Wide range of resources- just keep scrolling down for the relevant ones!
    • Zanran
      A search engine for data and statistics that focuses primarily on finding data presented in numerical or tabular form.
    • Quandl 
      A freely available index of over 7 million time-series datasets, which pulls together its data fromover 400 freely available sources.
    • BREAD: The Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development
    • Seeing Theory: A visual introduction to probability and statistics
  • Public Opinion and Surveys
    • UK Data Service: includes World Values Survey, Young Lives Survey, Afrobarometer, Arab Barometer, AsiaBarometer and Asian Barometer Survey.
    • Global Attitudes Project: a series of worldwide public opinion surveys that encompasses a broad array of subjects.
    • World Public Opinion: consortium of research centres studying public opinion on international issues in their respective countries.
    • Gallup: data driven news based on US and world polls.
    • Mansfield Asian Public Opinion Poll Database: English translations of key policy-related issues from major media organizations and other agencies in Japan, South Korea, and China.
  • Demographic information
  • Country-Level Information
    • EIU CountryData contains over 280 variables, divided into the following major categories: Gross domestic product, Fiscal and monetary indicators, Demographics and income, Foreign payments, External debt stock, External debt service, External trade, Quarterly, and for some countries, Monthly indicators. Covering 150 countries, this powerful database contains more than a million individual data points-covering over 280 series and running from 1980 to 2008. Updated monthly.
    • Business Source Complete contains some country reports.
    • UK Data Service is a comprehensive source of data, covering key economic and social data, both quantitative and qualitative. Including World Development Indicators, OECD, ILO, IMF and UN data.
    • CIA World Factbook provides basic country level data produced for US policymakers and coordinated throughout the US Intelligence Community.
    • BBC News Country Profiles provide basic information on topics such as press freedom and key events, alongside audio and video clips from BBC archives.
    • UN Data contains lots of UN metrics for different countries- ranging from agricultural production to the World Statistics Pocketbook.
    • Global Edge Insights by Country statistical data for nearly every country around the world. In addition to statistics, historical, economic, and political conditions are available.
    • A M Best is a global credit rating agency with a unique focus on the insurance industry. They produce free short briefing papers about the various risks of investing in countries.
    • Coface a French company specialising in export credit insurance, provides limited economic data for countries- including the option to run a brief comparision.
  • Banking and Financial Services Sector
    • AAAdir
      Directory of banks across the world; discussion forum for banking issues (e.g. Fraud)
    • Bank for International Settlements: Central bank and monetary authority websites
      Lists Central banks across the world
    • Qualisteam
      Broad website including news of latest developments in banks across the world; various resources including extensive links.
    • IFS Learning
      Institute of Financial Services: extensive resources & research service.
      Topical articles related to banking
    • BBA
      British Bankers Association: articles & resources
    • EBF-FBE
      The European Banking Federation
    • Financial Conduct Authority
      This UK body seeks to protect consumers and promote competition
    • Prudential Regulation Authority
      This UK body sets standards and supervises banks and other financial institutions
    • The Institute of International Finance
      The Institute of International Finance, Inc. (IIF), is the world’s only global association of financial institutions
    • Basel Committee on Capital Adequacy
      The web site of the committee, a subset of the web site of the Bank of International Settlement, with all the official consultation papers
    • IFRS
      The international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and  International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)
    • FEE
      The Fédération des Experts Comptables Européens (FEE) is the representative organisation for the accountancy profession in Europe.
  • Islamic Banking/Finance
  • Transparency

    The UK Data Service contains figures on the ease of doing business and corruption

    Freely available resources:

  • What is OA?

    Open Access (OA) refers to free, unrestricted online access to research outputs, which is open to all, with no access fees. Academics around the world are increasingly making their work Open Access.

    General Open Access resources can be found at the library web site.

    Specialist resources: