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Social Movements in South Asia
This website is a gateway to information on NGOs, civil society and various movements including human, economic and environmental rights across South Asia.

Center for Contemporary Conflict :South Asia
This web portal of the US-based CCC emphasises security issues and provides links to conference papers, theses, documents, online journals and to NGOs, government sites and research policy centres relating to South Asia.

South Asia Research Institute for Policy and Development (SARID)
SARID is a US-based non-profit organisation that works with government agencies, corporations and individuals to support economic and sustainable development in the South Asia region. 

The South Asia Research Network (SARN)
SARN has been designed to link scholars, researchers and practitioners working with a South Asian remit. Useful web tools include publications, journals and actual research centres and libraries found in South Asian countries.

Project South Asia
This is a joint project between the International Department at South Dakota State University and Missouri State University. Extensive research is provided on South Asian languages, conferences, journals, images and maps, including full-text documents and texts relating to South Asia

South Asia Network of Economic Research Institutes (SANEI)
SANEI is a regional initiative that fosters networking amongst economic research institutions in South Asia. It is primarily interested in funding and promoting economic research.

ProPoor- South Asia
This web resource is dedicated to information resources relating to development work in South Asia.

The SASIALIT mailing list: Literature of South Asia and the Indian diaspora
This mailing list carries a series of literary discussion boards about South Asian writers.

South Asian Network (SAN)
SAN is a grassroots project working towards improving the quality of South Asian lives through education, public health, civil law and community based outreach projects.

Center for South Asia Libraries (CSAL)
An American overseas research centre dedicated to scholarly research on South Asia. Access is given to a number of research centres dealing with languages and linguistics.

South Asian Web Resources (The University of British Colombia)
This web portal provides links to language and linguistic material and daily newspapers across South Asia.

Asian Studies Network Information Centre
This web resource includes online South Asian journals, South Asian literature and on a range of topics including the Indian diaspora, gender and sexuality and bibliographies.

World Bank- South Asia
This web resource gives an overview of the strategies and polices implemented by the World Bank in relation to South Asian countries.