SOAS University of London

SOAS Library

Lost, stolen and forgotten ID cards

Before you get a replacement, always check at the Membership Desk in the Library first to make sure someone hasn’t handed it in.

If you’ve lost your card

You’ll have to get a new ID card at the Membership Desk. Make sure your bring some other identification with you.

It costs £5 for students and external members, but is free for staff member (unless you lose your card three times or more).

If your card is stolen

If your card is stolen , please report it to the library as soon as possible. We do not accept Crime Reference numbers. You are responsible for any transactions made on your card.

If you’ve forgotten your card

You can get a day ticket from the Membership Desk as long as you can show some other form of identification. You can apply for three separate day tickets for free. After that, it’s £12 a day.