SOAS University of London

Department of Linguistics, School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

ALL3: 3rd Conference on Austronesian Languages and Linguistics

A two day conference of speakers

Date: 21 September 2007Time: 9:00 AM

Finishes: 22 September 2007Time: 5:30 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Room: Khalili Lecture Theatre

Type of Event: Conference

Conference details

The 3rd Conference on Austronesian Languages and Linguistics (ALL3), was held on Friday 21 September and Saturday 22 September 2007 at SOAS. It was hosted by the Endangered Languages Academic Programme (ELAP) in the Department of Linguistics.

ALL3 was made possible through sponsorship from the Surrey Morphology Group and the Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project. This sponsorship is gratefully acknowledged. The conference was organised by the UK Austronesian Research Group (UKARG).


  • Sander Adelaar, University of Melbourne
    Language contact in the Austronesian Far West
  • Peter Austin, SOAS
    How to talk to a mènak: speech levels and politeness in Sasak, eastern Indonesia
  • Dunstan Brown, University of Surrey
    The syntax-morphology interface and the Kokota noun phrase
  • Pete Budd, SOAS
    The realis/irrealis distinction in Bierebo and beyond (budd.htm)
  • Chih-wei Chang, National Chung Cheng University
    Restructuring and causative constructions in Tsou
  • Ya-ling Chang, Lancaster University
    Language use and language ideology in a multilingual Aboriginal tribal village in Taiwan
  • Sih-Wei Chen, National Tsing Hua University
    Applicative Division of Labor: a case study of Formosan Atayal
  • Yi-Ting Chen, Arizona State University
    A Minimalist Approach to Amis Voice Markers
  • Sophie Elizabeth Crouch, University of Western Australia
    Wah, deh?!...The Pragmatic Particles of Colloquial Indonesian.'
  • Aurora Donzelli, University of Lisbon
    Speaking from the Margins: Shifting Metapragmatic Representations of Locality in Toraja (Indonesia)
  • Maia Duguine, EHU-U. Basque Country & U. Nantes-Naoned
    Exploring the syntax of the DP from the Austronesian perspective
  • Robert Early, University of the South Pacific
    Serialisation and South Efate
  • Bethwyn Evans, University of Manchester
    Focus markers and absolutive markers: changes in morphological patterning in New Georgia
  • Chun (Jimmy) Huang, University of Florida
    The sociolinguistic situation of the Austronesian languages in Taiwan
  • Huei-ju Huang & Shuanfan Huang, National Taiwan University
    Beyond Preferred Argument Structure: Noun phrases in Tsou discourse
  • Anthony Jukes, SOAS
    Directionals in Toratán: An unusual local system in an endangered Austronesian language
  • Marian Klamer, Leiden University
    Bahasa Alor: An atypical Austronesian language
  • Suriel Mofu, Oxford University
    Relative clause constructions in the Biak language
  • Claire Moyse-Faurie, LACITO-CNRS, Paris
    (Dé)grammaticalisation of spatial expressions in some Oceanic languages
  • Åshild Næss, University of Oslo
    The structure of complex verbs in Äiwoo (Reefs)
  • Melanie Owens, Stanford University
    The Theta Structure Property for Serial Verb Constructions
  • Bill Palmer, University of Surrey
    Clitics and the verb complex in two Northwest Solomonic languages
  • Karen Park, Oxford University
    Evidence of a Fijian Reflexive and its Implications in Anaphoric Binding Theory
  • Martin Paviour-Smith, Massey University
    ‘They whip the fingernails, and the palm of their hands - both sides’
  • David Penn, University of New England
    Verb agreement morphology in Dadu’a
  • Paula Radetzky, National Tsing Hua University
    The Collapse of Gendered Speech Distinctions in Mayrinax Atayal Language Attrition
  • Malcolm Ross, Australian National University
    A history of metatypy in the Bel languages
  • Magdalena Schwager, Frankfurt University
    The status of Tagalog sa- phrases
  • Peter Sells, Stanford/SOAS
    Reevaluating Constraints on Extraction in Tagalog
  • Peter Slomanson, City University of New York
    Morphosyntactic Reanalysis and Accusative Case Morphology in Sri Lankan Malay
  • Antonia Soriente, MPI Leipzig and Atma Jaya
    The language of the Penan Benalui in East Kalimantan
  • Li-May Sung & Cheng-Chuen Kuo, National Taiwan University
    Comparative Constructions in Amis
  • Li-May Sung & Lihsin Sung, National Taiwan University
    Comparative Constructions in SaiSiyat
  • Michael Tanangkingsing, National Taiwan University
    On Extended Transitive Constructions in Cebuano 
  • Maya Yu-ting Yeh & Shuanfan Huang, National Taiwan University
    A study of triple verb serialization in four Formosan languages

Organiser: UK Austronesian Research Group (UKARG)