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Abstracts - Grammer of Mimetics

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The position of to/0-marked mimetics in Japanese Sentence Structure

Kiyoko Toratani (York University)

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Mimetics of Quantity in “Movement” Contexts

Ann Wehmeyer and Yukari Nakamura-Deacon (University of Florida)

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Adverbial Mimetics and Lexical Aspect

Judit Kroo (Stanford University)

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What does Mimetic Meaning Mean?

Natsuko Tsujimura (Indiana University)

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Expressiveness and System Integration: On the Morphosyntactic Typology of Ideophones

Mark Dingemanse (MPI Nijmegen)

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Expressiveness in Mimetic Syntax: Quantitative Evidence from Japanese and English

Kimi Akita (Osaka University)

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Some Notes on Noun Formation by Derivation and Compounding of Mimetics in Japanese and Romanian

Anca Focseneanu (University of Bucharest)

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Mimetics and Onomaopoeia as Japanese Root Infinitive Analogues

Keiko Murasugi (Nanzan University)

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Is there Any Similarity in the Use of Mimetics between L1 and L2 Japanese?

Keiko Yoshioka (Leiden University)

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Describing Motion Events in L2 Japanese: Rolling, flying up and crashing

Noriko Iwasaki (SOAS, University of London)

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The Grammar of Mimetic Expressions and Neologisms in Japanese Translations of Lewis Carroll’s Poem Jabberwocky

Mareike Hamann (University of Manchester)

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The Functions of Japanese Sound Symbolic Words in Different Types of Texts and their Translation

Hiroko Inose (Dalarna University)

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Translating into Japanese Mimetics: A case study of Shōkōshi (Little Lord Fauntleroy) in the Meiji era and the present time

Mika Kizu (Kobe University/SOAS, University of London) and Naomi Cross (Himeji Dokkyo University)

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