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3rd Linguistics Research Student Conference and Workshop @ SOAS


Date: 3 June 2016Time: 9:00 AM

Finishes: 4 June 2016Time: 5:00 PM


Type of Event: Conference

The Department of Linguistics at SOAS University of London, is pleased to announce its third Linguistics Research Student Conference, which will take place on 4th June 2016. This year there will also be a workshop before the conference, on 3rd June. The theme of the workshop is 'Methodology, Methods and Data Collection in Language Documentation and Description'.

We are delighted to announce that the plenary speaker for the conference and workshop will be Dr Alex King, University of Aberdeen.

The conference and workshop are organised by postgraduate research students in the Department of Linguistics. We warmly welcome research students from all faculties and centres across the UK to participate.

Details of the Conference

The aim of the conference is to provide a venue for research students who are interested in languages and linguistics to present their research, and to facilitate collaboration and communication among peers in related areas.

We invite contributions from any field of linguistics, including but not limited to:

  • theoretical linguistics
  • historical linguistics
  • anthropological linguistics
  • sociolinguistics
  • language pedagogy
  • language acquisition
  • translation theory and practice
  • corpus linguistics
  • language documentation, description and support
  • computational linguistics.
Details of the Workshop

The aim of language documentation has long been seen as the creation of a lasting and ‘multipurpose’ record of language (Himmelmann 1998; Woodbury 2011). Nonetheless, it is often difficult to know what is meant by ‘multipurpose’ and how to make a documentary corpus as useful as possible for purposes beyond that of its primary conception. This may include linguistic description, theoretical research, language revitalisation and interdisciplinary research, among others (cf. Austin 2012).

In this workshop, we aim to discuss:

  • What makes a corpus useful for different users?
  • Which methodologies and methods have been shown to be useful for the collection ofdata relevant to these diverse uses?

We invite papers covering issues that relate to the creation of truly ‘multipurpose’ documentation corpora. In particular, we welcome contributions that discuss the development or use of corpora for multiple purposes, research projects that have re-used existing documentary corpora for different purposes, and papers on novel methods that have been developed for data collection.


Friday 3rd June 2016
9.00-9.20am Registration in V122
9.20-9.30am Welcome Address in V121
Workshop on 'Methodology, Methods and Data Collection in Language Documentation and Description'

Session A. Language Documentation and Description (LDD), V121

Chair: Charlotte Hemmings

9.30-10am Karolina Grzech (SOAS): Creating a Corpus of Tena Kichwa: With 'the community' but for whom?
10-10.30am Eleanor Ridge (SOAS): Quantitative Analysis of Loan Verb Usage in Southeast Ambrym (Vanuatu) using FLEx and R
10.30-11am Coffee Break in V122

Session B. Round Table Discussion on Corpus Creation and Analysis in LDD, V121

Chair: Sophie Mu

Facilitated by Dr Alex King

12.30-1.30pm Lunch Break in V122
3rd SOAS Linguistics Research Student Conference

Session C. Morphosyntax, V121

Chair: Robert Laub

1.30-2pm Joey Lovestrand (Oxford): Historical development of a dual pronoun in Barayin (Chadic)
2-2.30pm Andrew Harvey (SOAS): Gender or noun class? Gorwaa as an intermediate case
2.30-3pm Eleanor Ridge (SOAS): Auxiliary verbs in Southeast Ambrym, Vanuatu
3-3.30pm Coffee Break in V122

Session D. Corpus Linguistics and Historical Linguistics, V121

Chair: Harry Willoughby

3.30-4pm Sadiq Altamimi Almaged (Swansea): Getting the Gist: Preparing Analytical Data from Large Corpora
4-4.30pm Joanna Nolan (SOAS): Lingua Franca on the Barbary Coast: a foreshadowing of 21st century Superdiversity and Metrolingualism
4.30-6pm Drinks Reception in V122
Saturday 4th June 2016

Plenary Address by Dr Alex King, L67

Political Ethnopoetics in Language Documentation

10.30-11am Coffee Break in G51

Session E. Language Pedagogy, L67

Chair: Kamaal Ahsan Majeed

11-11.30am Ling Fan (Polytechnic University, Hong Kong): Teaching Chinese language to foreigners by weichat
11.30-12pm Hui Sun (Birkbeck): Role of Learning Context in the L2 Motivational Orientation: A Comparative study of Chinese Learners of English in EFL and ESL Contexts
12-12.30pm Daniel Pun (Polytechnic University, Hong Kong): Learners' desire and investment under neoliberalism: a case of L2 learners of English in Hong Kong
12.30-2pm Lunch Break in G51

Session F. Sociolinguistics, L67

Chair: Zeina Eid

2-2.30pm Khadija Chennoufi-Gilkes (SOAS): An analysis of Amazigh identity claiming in a corpus of Facebook representations
2.30-3pm Sarah Croome (SOAS): Dominant themes in the discursive construction of present day Cornish
3-3.30pm Coffee Break in G51

Session G. Language Policy, L67

Chair: JoJo Zhou

3.30-4pm Fiona Victory (UCL): A comparative analysis of the factors explaining variation in medium of instruction policy choice for state school systems
4-4.30pm Ellen Foote (SOAS): Language policy at the Mary Chapman School for the Deaf, Yangon, Myanmar
4.30-5pm Closing Remarks: Peter Austin, L67
Key dates
  • Deadline for submission of abstracts:             4th March 2016
  • Notification of acceptance:                             8th April 2016
  • Registration deadline:                                   27th May 2016
  • Conference and workshop dates:                   3rd and 4th June 2016
Submission of Abstracts for the Conference and Workshop

Each presentation will be 20 minutes followed by a 10-minute discussion. English will be the language of the conference and workshop.

Abstracts should be submitted as PDF documents by email to They should be formatted using 2.5cm margins and 12pt font, and should not exceed one page, including title, data, and examples. References may be attached on a second page. Each person is allowed to submit a single abstract for the conference or for the workshop, or two for both separately, including co-authored.

As all submissions will be reviewed anonymously, all author-specific information should be avoided and/or removed from the abstract, but included in the body of the email.

Registration and Fees

The fee for the conference is as follows and includes lunch, tea/coffee and a drinks reception:

Friday only £5

Saturday only £5

Both days £8

To register, please visit the SOAS Online Store.

Local Organising Committee Members
  • Peter Austin (coordinator)
  • Zeina Eid
  • Charlotte Hemmings
  • Robert Laub
  • Kamaal Ahsan Majeed
  • Yingying Mu
  • Joanna Nolan
  • Harry Willoughby
  • Lingxia Zhou

Registration in V122

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