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Linguistics Graduate Destinations

How does a degree in Linguistics help with my career?

A degree in Linguistics from SOAS gives students the ability to engage in analytical thought, to carry out research-like work on unfamiliar data and to control and understand the use of language.  It provides students with a portfolio of widely transferable skills which employers seek including the ability to transcribe and analyse language; to present linguistic data in different formats and research analysis techniques.  Graduates from the Linguistics department have found that their language skills are in demand from a wide variety of organisations.

Who do graduates work for?

SOAS Linguistic graduates have  gone on to employment in a range of professional roles in both business and public sectors, such as national governments in many parts of the world, international organisations, and development agencies, educational  and cultural establishments, non-governmental organisations, and academia, various United Nations organisations, publishing and media organisations.

Destination of 2015 graduates (Undergraduates)

All undergraduate students are contacted 6 months after graduation (so for undergraduate students this is in January) to find out what they were doing - working, studying or something else, such as travelling. We find out this data in the summer, so here is the latest information from the 12 known destinations of the 2015 UK, EU and International graduates of single and joint honours studies within the department. 

Example employers
Blue Square Marketing
British Airways (BA)
Cratus Communications
Korea Trade Centre (KOTRA)
Rehash Studios


Example occupations
Assistant Manager
Communications Intern
Freelance Software Engineer
Marketing Campaigning Officer
Recruitment Co-ordinators


Destinations of 2015 graduates (postgraduates)

All postgraduate students are contacted 6 months after graduation (so for postgraduate students this is in April) to find out what they were doing - working, studying or something else, such as travelling. This data is added to the Undergraduate survey the following January and we receive the data in the summer (i.e. approximately 18 months after graduation). Here is the latest information from the 40 known destinations of the 2014 UK, EU and International Postgraduate and research degrees within the department.

Example employers
International Finance News Precise Media
Japan Centre Prince Sultan University College for Women
King Saud University Selby District Council
Ministry of Defence (MoD Timor Aid
Minority Rights Group Zhejiang Normal University


Example occupations
Graduate Teaching Assistant Policy Officer
Immigrations Adviser Post-doctoral Researcher
Lecturer in Translation Project Assistant
Media Analyst Public Relations (PR) Account Executive
News Reporters Senior Strategy Officer


What do graduates do

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