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Pathways of change at the northern Bantu borderlands

‘Pathways of change at the northern Bantu borderlands’, examines language contact and grammatical change in a subset of East African Bantu languages. Rangi, Mbugwe, Gusii, Kuria, Ngoreme and Suba-Simbiti all exhibit post-verbal auxiliary placement in restricted syntactic contexts. This feature is unusual from both a typological and comparative perspective since auxiliary-verb order predominates in VO languages and East Africa Bantu languages. The project examines to what extent this feature (and others) can be considered to be the result of contact-induced language change, or whether it is more appropriately through of as reflecting language-internal processes of grammaticalisation.

This project runs from October 2014 to October 2017 and is supported by the British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (Hannah Gibson, pf140037).

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