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PhD Students

Sarah Croome
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Dressed to Kill? The Impact of Superficial Revitalization Measures on Language Vitality.

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Samantha Goodchild
Goodchild Samantha - LIN - PHD - IMG 240 186  56

The role of gender in the maintenance of multilingual repertoires at the ‘linguistic crossroads’ of Brin, Djibonker and Mov Avvi, Casamance, Senegal.

Andrew Harvey
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The Gorwaa Noun Phrase: Toward a Description of the Gorwaa Language

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Lin Li
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Flexibility and Constraints in Lexical Meaning Construction in Mandarin Chinese

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Aiko Otsuka
Aiko Otsuka

Pragmatic strategies in face-to-face interactions and emails by Japanese speakers and Japanese Sign Language users: Focus on Japanese Sign Language users' use of Japanese and their perceptions

Saba Tifooni
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A Cross-linguistic and Cross-cultural Investigation of Non-equivalent Emotions in Second Language Learning: Frustration and Excitement between English and Kuwaiti Arabic

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Martha Tsutsui
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A Documentation and Description of Disappearing Predicates in Southern Amami-Ōshima

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Wen Wang
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A Corpus-based Study of Subjunctivity in Shanghainese (as evidenced in the missionary linguistic and translation works on/in vernacular Shanghainese in the period 1843-1950)

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Miriam Weidl
Weidl, Miriam - CCLPS PHD IMG - 240 186  56

"Loo wax!?" [What did you say!?] Multilingualism in Senegal - about the break(up) and the dynamicity of linguistic ‘systems’.

Lu Xue
Helen Lu Xue - LIN PHD IMG 485 186 56

Negation, Prediction and Thought-ascription — A Study of Quasi-logical Terms in Mandarin Chinese

Recently Awarded PhDs

  • Jade Al-Saraf A Contrastive Study of Loaned vs. Non-Loaned Lexicon in Iraqi Arabic (Dr C Lucas)
  • Julia Cheng An Investigation of the Constraints on Nominal Argument Drop in Mandarin Chinese Using Spoken Corpora (Prof L Marten)
  • Lu Lu Mandarin Chinese Light Verb Constructions and Their Alternations: A Corpus Investigation (Prof I Nikolaeva)
  • Radu Voica A Fieldwork-Based Approach to Clause-Internal Relations and Information Structure in Blanga (Blablanga), an Austronesian Language of the Solomon Islands (Prof P Austin)
  • Vivian Lee Translation as communication: L1 Korean speakers' mediator roles in the Korean to English translation of culture-specific lexis (Dr N Iwasaki)
  • Jing Chu "The Effects of Sound Information Provided by Annotations on Chinese Vocabulary Acquisition Through Reading" (Dr N Iwasaki)
  • Burcin Mustafa "A study into the ideological manipulation of translation and translation's role in affecting the political and social fields: Translation's function in advancing the 'war on terror'" (Dr D Feng)
  • Teresa Poeta "Reference to Objects in Makhuwa and Swahili Discourse" (Prof L Marten)
  • Saba Tifooni "A Crosslinguistic Investigation into the Foreign Language Learning of (Non) equivalent Emotion Words: The Case of Kuwaiti Learners of English" (Dr N Iwasaki)
  • Connor Youngberg "Vocalic Representation in Tokyo and Owari Japanese: Towards a syllable-free account" (Dr M Charette)
  • Karolina Grzech "Discourse enclitics in Tena Kichwa: A corpus-based account of information structure and epistemic meaning" (Prof I Nikolaeva)
  • Eiko Gyogi "Using Translation to Develop Intercultural Competence in Japanese-as-a-Foreign-Language Classroom: A Case Study of Beginner and Intermediate Students" (Dr N Iwasaki)
  • Charlotte Hemmings "The Kelabit Language, Austronesian Voice and Syntactic Typology" (Prof P Austin)
  • Nana Ama Agyeman "A descriptive grammar of Efutu (southern Ghana) with a focus on serial verb constructions: a language documentation study" (Prof P Austin)
  • Birgul Ylimaz "Learning 'my' language: moments of languages and identities among Kurds in the UK" (Dr J Sallabank)
  • Anwar Almuoseb "A Lexical-Semantic Analysis of the English Prepositions At, On and In and their Conceptual Mapping onto Arabic: A Comparative Investigation" (Dr N Iwasaki)
  • Fan Yang "Translators and Habitus: An Integrative Approach to Investigating Film Dubbing in China from 1949 to Present" (Dr D Feng)
  • Thomas Ritchie "Internal possessor prominence in Chimane" (Prof I Nikolaeva)
  • Mohamed Abdalla "The Influence of Translation on the Arabic Language: A Study on the Translation of English Idioms in Arabic Satellite TV Stations" (Dr D Feng)
  • Ghalia Al Mubarak "An Investigation of Sociolinguistic variation in al-Ahsa Arabic" (Dr C Lucas)
  • Rachel Watson "Noun Classification and Verbal Nouns in Kujireray" (Dr F Lüpke)
  • Cephas Delalorm "Documentation and Description of Sekpele: A Ghana-Togo Mountain Language of Ghana" (Prof P Austin)
  • Dan Jiang "L2 Mandarin Chinese Learners' Pragmatic Development in Making Refusals: What are the Roles of Instruction and the Study Abroad Context?" (N Iwasaki)
  • Jeff Izzard "Language Attitudes and Identity in the Tibetan Dharamsala Diaspora" (Dr J Sallabank)
  • Shanti Ulfsbjorninn "A Field Theory of Stress: The role of empty nuclei in stress systems" (Dr M Charette)
  • Hessah Aba-Alalaa "Terms of Address in Najdi Dialect: Normativity and Variation" (Dr B Pizziconi)
  • Simone Mauri "Formal and Functional Properties of Grammatical Aspect in Ayt Atta Tamazight" (Prof I Nikolaeva)
  • Thomas Owen-Smith "Grammatical Relations in Tamang, a Tibeto-Burman Language of Nepal" (Prof P Austin)
  • Halil Iskender "The Phonology of Arabic Loanwords in Turkish: The Case of T-Palatalisation" (Dr G Dedes)
  • Anja Moemeke-Choon "A Documentation and Description of Uwu (Benue-Congo, Nigeria) with Focus on Tone" (Prof P Sells)
  • Mark Henry "The Syntax of Reduced Nominals in Akkadian" (Prof I Nikolaeva)
  • Narayan Sharma "Morphosyntax of Puma, A Tibeto-Burman Language of Nepal" (Prof P Austin)
  • Nadia Sarkoh "The Ideological Discursive Representation of Islam and Muslims in the Press: A Comparative Study" (Prof I Sachdev)
  • Alexander Cobbinah "Nominal classification and verbal nouns in Bainounk Gubeeher" (Dr F Lüpke)
  • Michael Franjieh "Possessive Classifiers in North Ambrym, a Language of Vanuatu: Explorations in Semantic Classification" (Prof I Nikolaeva)
  • Hannah Gibson "Auxiliary placement in Rangi: A Dynamic Syntax perspective" (Prof L Marten)
  • Wai Ling Looi "Explicitation, Implicitation and Shift of Conjunctions in English-Chinese Translation of Institutional Texts: A Corpus-Assisted Study" (Dr D Li)
  • Judith Nakayiza "The Sociolinguistics of Multilingualism in Uganda - A case study of the official and non-official language policy, planning and management of Luruuri-Lunyara and Luganda" (Prof L Marten)