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SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics Volume 19 (2018)

SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics Volume 19 (2018)

The 19th Volume of the SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics features research in progress of research students and research associates of the Department of Linguistics at SOAS, in addition to papers by colleagues outside of the department. This volume was edited by Miriam Weidl and Samantha Goodchild.


>Editorial note


> 3-28 Relativisation in Kúsáàl

Hasiyatu Abubakari

> 29-46 Differential case marking in Turkish wh-object phrases

Emine Yarar


> 49-89 Word-markers: Toward a morphosyntactic description of the Gorwaa noun

Andrew Harvey


> 93-116 The Japanese noraic nasal revisited: A first glance

Connor Youngberg


> 119-131 “Slang is for thugs”: Stereotypes on Francanglais among Cameroonian immigrants in Paris

Suzie Telep

> 133-153 Similarities and differences between varieties of speech: Expressions of language ideologies and attitudes in four Namibian communities

Helene Steigertahl