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Resources Room

The Linguistics resources room L52 that is managed by Bernard Howard houses the Linguistics & ELAR loan equipment which is comprised of microphones, digital audio recording machines, camcorders and associated equipment which is available to Linguistics PhD students for research trips abroad.

Other Linguistics students may also borrow loan equipment for short term loans, not to be taken out of the UK.

Linguistics Staff may also borrow loan equipment, however PhD students take precedence over other borrowers.

Bernard records the Linguistics seminars and get them posted onto ‘Youtube’ with a link to the linguistics website under Podcasts and Videos in the drop down menu.

Bernard is available to support classes with equipment and to record lectures.

Bernard is available to assist with editing audio & video recordings.

Bernard operates a recording studio which consists of a small soundproof room, 1.83 x 2.24 metres with fabric sound deadening ceiling, walls and suspended floor.

The studio can either be used as a self-record facility, or with a sound engineer managing the recording.

The studio is equipped with two audiotechnica AT4033a high quality electret condenser microphones and Marantz professional solid state two channel digital recorder PMD 671 for self-recording.

Bernard can engineer managed recordings with a Roland Edirol R4 four channel digital recorder with additional microphones.

The Studio facility is available for use by staff & students and is situated in room L52.

Bernard reviews & evaluates equipment when bought.


The Linguistics Resources Room offers:

1) A sound proof Recording Booth, equipped with a Professional digital recording facility.

2) Digital recording & editing service, plus a self-edit audio facility with technical assistance available.

Linguistics Resources Room audio edit facility LIN IMG 485 186 56

Above: Audio Edit Facility

3) Digitisation service for old media:

  1. 78 rpm gramophone disc.
  2. Vinyl 45 rpm & 33 rpm gramophone discs.
  3. Reel to reel tapes.
  4. Compact cassettes.
  5. VHS video cassettes.
  6. DV camera tapes PAL & NTSC
  7. Hi8 Camera tapes PAL only at present.
  8. DAT tapes
  9. Minidiscs
  10. Manipulating recordings from DVD subject to copyright restrictions
  11. Various flash memory media.

An Adobe Premiere video editing facility (self edit) on PC

Linguistics Resources Room adobe premiere on pc LIN IMG 485 186 56

Adobe Premiere on PC.

Linguistics Resources Room recording booth LIN IMG 485 186 56

(above) The Recording Booth in operation.

The Telephone number for the Linguistics Resources Room & Bernard Howard is:

02078984974 from outside SOAS, internally 4974.

Email is: