SOAS University of London

Control Systems and Classroom Equipment

Most classrooms have built in systems that are controlled by touch panels. They will have a SOAS PC with separate monitor display, a digital projector or LCD screen (depending on room size and layout), and a DVD player which will also play CD and MP3. Newer installed rooms or those with suitable displays with have a Blu-Ray player. Where possible the systems will have a VGA connector installed with audio jack for connection to a laptop. Rooms with Touch-Link panels will have a HDMI input socket available on the desk, however we do not supply cables as standard and a display adaptor may be needed for your device.

All audio from any source, can be played through the 'in-house' system. There will be a projection screen(usually manually operated and a whiteboard in the room. If there are any issues with the room AV equipment email us at For questions regarding furniture, heating, chairs or services email

Types of Control Panels

There are 4 main types in most SOAS classrooms and lecture theatres see tabs below for illustration:

  • Touch-Link
  • Touch-Link Type 2
  • Extron MLC226
  • Extron TLP350
  • Further Features and Information


Extron Touch-Link Panels
Available in rooms
Site Rooms
College Building
KLT, L62, L67, G50,G51, G51a, E36, 223, 232, 279, 366, 379, 386, 392, 403, 410, 417, 443, 445, 459, 464, 467 559, 563
Faber Building
Brunei Gallery B102
Senate House S109, S113, S116, S117, S118, S208, S209, S210, S211, S214, S216, S311, S312, S313, S314, S315, S316, S320, SALT, SG27, SG31,S G32, SG33, SG34, SG35, SWLT

Touch-Link Type 2

Extron Touch-Link Panels Type 2
Available in rooms
College Building G52

Extron MLC226

Extron Control Panels 2
Available in rooms 
Site Rooms
College Building E35, G60, 116, 266, 273, 286, 373,469, 4429, 4436, 504, 576, 592, B103, B104, B111
21-22 Russell Square T101, T102

Extron TLP350

Extron TLP350
College Building 227, 250, 263

Further Features and Information

In some classrooms, the touch panel will have a button marked Tech controls. By pressing this you will be introduced to other control options. These may control the blinds or the microphone volume.

AV Touch Control Panel

On the above panel some of the buttons are located around the edge of the touch screen (in this example there is a mute button for the lectern microphone)

  • A number of classrooms are fitted with electric projection screens, with switches on the wall to raise and lower the screen. In B102, the screen will show controls on the touch-panel to control the projection screen.
  • Other rooms are fitted with a manual screen. Gently pull the cord to lower and pause when you reach the correct position. To raise the screen, gently pull the screen cord down, and let it roll up slowly to its storage position.

Please do not write on the projection screens as pen cannot be removed.