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Logging on

If you’re a first year student, you need to activate your BLE account before enrolment. Go to the Bloomsbury Learning Environment (known as BLE or SOAS Moodle) and log in using your student number (the 6-digit number on your student ID card). Unless you’ve already changed your password, it should your date of birth in a ‘dd-Mmm-yy’ format, where the first letter of the month is in upper case. For example: 09-Aug-76.

If you’ve forgotten your password or it isn’t working, try our quick guide to IT services. If you can’t find what you need there, visit our IT Support Desk in the Library Reception (ground floor) or call +44 020 7898 4950.

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BLE enrolment

You have to fill in an Online Course and Examination Registration Form and hand it in to your Faculty Office to be enrolled on the relevant BLE course(s).

Once your account’s active, Registry will be able to add you to your courses in the next 24 to 48 hours – so don’t worry if you don’t see you courses straight away.

If you can’t see your courses after 48 hours, or if you have any other problems, email Registry.

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Copyright is a complex area. In general you can:

  • Download and print out a single copy of an item from the BLE for your own academic use.
  • Quote from an item on the BLE to a reasonable extent in an essay or assignment. Make sure you fully attribute the source.

But you’re not allowed to:

  • Publish, sell or distribute copies of material on the BLE without the copyright owner’s permission.
  • Send copies of items to people other than students or staff on your course.
  • Quote from an item on the BLE without acknowledging the source.
  • Pass off someone else’s work or ideas as if they were your own.

Some BLE items are scanned under a licence between SOAS and the Copyright Licensing Agency. These items will have copyright notices attached to them, which all BLE users should respect.

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Data protection issues

We gather personal data through the BLE to maintain and monitor the system – for example, to produce and analyse statistics on how people use the system, or to spot possible abuse. This includes information about when you logged in and what resources you’ve used.

Academic staff will have access to this information and might use it for pedagogic and teaching reasons (like identifying where students are logging in infrequently, which might suggest the need for advice or support). All BLE administrators can also see this information.

We manage all your data securely through our Data Protection Policy. And you have the right under the Data Protection Act to access to the data held about you.
For more information about copyright and data management, email the SOAS Data Management Officer.

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