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International Study Experience - Amman, Jordan


Date: 6 April 2018Time: 9:00 AM

Finishes: 22 September 2018Time: 6:00 PM


Type of Event: Tour

SOAS's London Middle East Institute (LMEI) is pleased to announce a generously funded international learning experience for SOAS students this summer in partnership with the AlSadi Changing Lives Programme in Amman. This year we are offering two groups of SOAS undergraduates an opportunity to visit Amman – one in April and another in September – to gain unique insights into and knowledge of the Arab world, its peoples and cultures.

The two visits programme will give up to a total of 22 SOAS undergraduates a direct insight and learning experience of the social, political and environmental issues facing Jordan through a range of activities, workshops and interactions with the programme's participating organisations. View the Sample Programme for an indication of the activities involved.

Local Costs: The Changing Lives scheme covers the cost of accommodation, transport and food for the duration of the programme (about a week each) in Jordan. Students will be accommodated at a 3-star hotel in central Amman and all local travel will be provided by coach each day.

International Costs: Successful applicants will bear the airfare costs and will also be required to pay for their visa fee (around 40 JOD) as well as any incidental or personal costs they might incur. One or two tourist entry fees may also apply.


First Group: 6 – 14 April 2018
Second Group: 14 – 22 September 2018

Changing Lives Participant Requirements:

  • Shortlisted students must fill in a form and provide LMEI and Changing Lives staff with a 150 word written statement of why they want to participate in the programme and what they intend to do with their experience in the future (see Application Form below).
  • Applicants will have to indicate their preference for each of the two slots (in April or Sept).
  • Selected students must be active on social media and agree to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ the AlSadi Changing Lives Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account (if applicable).
  • Participant students must provide written feedback to Changing Lives about the experience of the trip and how it can be improved. This may be anonymous if desired.
  • A written reflection on the trip of approximately 1500 words. This should cover pre-trip expectations and impressions of the region, experiences during the trip and thoughts and feelings after completing the trip (this is compulsory and failure to provide it is a breach of agreement with LMEI and CL).
  • Wearing the provided program T-shirts as often as possible during the trip. Free Laundry will be available every day.
  • Participating students agree to have any photographs taken during Changing Lives activities used for future marketing purposes.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by LMEI in early February and will be expected to accept the offer with a deposit payment to secure their acceptance within 2 weeks. They will be required to attend 2 briefing sessions at LMEI as part of the preparations for the trip. Dates will be advised later.

Only currently registered SOAS undergraduate students are eligible to apply. Deadline for applications is Sunday 7 January 2018.

Application Form: Students interested in applying should complete the Application Form and e-mail it to: before the stated deadline. You will be asked to indicate your preference or availability for April or September visits when filling in the application.

AlSadi Changing Lives Programme:

Changing Lives (CL) is a programme to improve global perceptions of the Arab world in the West. By increasing understanding between individuals and states CL fosters ongoing and positive, life-changing experiences for both Western and Arab youth. CL is the result of the vision and generous funding of Dr Majid AlSadi, Chairman and CEO of the Eastern Holding Investment Group.

Based in Amman, Jordan, CL facilitates foreign student participation with local organisations in refugee camps, social centres, schools and charities throughout Jordan.

For more information, please see:

Organiser: AlSadi Changing Lives and the London Middle East Institute

Contact email:

Contact Tel: 020 7898 4330