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LWW-CETL Seminars and Events

LWW CETL organised a wide range of events for staff and students in SOAS and UCL as well as the wider academic community and the general public.

Events specifically for SOAS-UCL staff and students included learner-support workshops, teacher training and development sessions, curriculum-development workshops and language learning technology training sessions for language teachers. Additionally there were launches or open-days, where the “products” or new facilities of the LWW CETL (such as learning materials, research, technology, learner support and teaching training) were presented to language teachers.

Events open to all included seminars in our Research Seminar Series – held roughly once a month during term time – which explored various issues in language pedagogy. Furthermore, LWW CETL held international conferences and a range of seminars and workshops exploring issues in language pedagogy such as script; drama; technology, and issues in community/heritage languages; language labs; and copyright.

Information on the events organised by LWW CETL can be found on these pages. More information and materials related specifically to teacher-oriented and learner-oriented events can be found in the sections Teacher Development and Learner Support.

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