SOAS University of London


Language Labs

LWW-CETL has funded and created several state-of-the-art, multimedia teaching and learning facilities. This includes spaces dedicated to language teaching (the Language Spaces) and open-access resources rooms for self-study (the Language Studies).

Resources Rooms and classrooms

LWW-CETL created five Language Learning Resources rooms which provide resources and facilities dedicated to language practice and studying for language learners. Two of these are located in SOAS, one in each of SOAS's campuses, and three are located in UCL, one each in each of the three
main language-teaching buildings Foster Court, the Language Centre, and the School of Slavonic and East European Studies. 

In addition, LWW-CETL funded the refurbishment and provision with language teaching and learning equipment of eighteen classrooms at SOAS and seventeen classrooms at UCL. At UCL, LWW-CETL funding further allowed for the provision of the necessary equipment to allow
international, foreign-language television and radio to be available live on any PC in
any language teaching and learning space, i.e. classrooms, resources rooms, or teachers'

These facilities for language learning and teaching continued to be used by SOAS and UCL.

Related research projects

LWW-CETL also funded research projects which addressed the use of technological facilities in language learning and teaching.