SOAS University of London

The Language Spaces at SOAS

Sanaco Lab 100 Multimedia Language Classroom

Location: Room E37, SOAS

This classroom is a teaching lab equipped with Sanako Lab 100 equipment, which allows easy distribution of audio material, student recording and monitoring and pair work. The room also contains an interactive whiteboard. The furniture and equipment is laid out so as to maximise contact between teacher and students, which makes the room multi-functional.

Melissi Multimedia Language Classrooms

Location: Room E35 (25 stations) and Room E36 (12 stations), SOAS

These classrooms are two language spaces featuring PCs running Melissi software for the dissemination of audio and video materials, monitoring of students progress, phone conversation and SMS simulation and subtitling. The PC functions can be locked to disallow browsing during classes. The teaching labs integrate with our 3TByte network storage, for easy transfer of recorded material from teacher's office or preparation area to the labs, and vice versa.