SOAS University of London

Virtual Zulu

Contact: Dr Lutz Marten, Carola Mostert
Department: SOAS Africa Department
Contributor: Fotis Begklis
Link: Virtual Zulu Website


The project developed a website with Zulu lessons, dialogues, grammatical explanations and associated audio files for beginners’ level Zulu. The pages are used in conjunction with the Zulu 1 course at SOAS, but are freely available and can be used by anyone with an interest in learning Zulu.


The Virtual Zulu website contains fourteen lessons introducing students to the basic grammatical structures and essential vocabulary of Zulu. Each lesson contains a dialogue with audio files, as well as explanations of the language structures introduced, which can be downloaded as pdf files.

The site can be used by students with different aims. For students taking the SOAS course in Zulu, the site follows the course materials closely, and so students can use the site for revision, self-study and practice. But the site can also be used for stand-alone self-study, and after completing the full fourteen lessons, students will be able to understand and produce short texts and dialogues in spoken and written Zulu. Other students may wish to just get an impression of how Zulu sounds, and can browse through different lessons and listen to different dialogues.

Aims and Objectives

The project aims at

  • providing an on-line course for beginners’ Zulu
  • providing learners of Zulu at SOAS with an on-line support structure related to the course content to maximize the use of non-contact hours for practice, exercise and revision
  • providing anyone interested in Zulu with an on-line environment for leaning Zulu, either as additional support for learning Zulu in a classroom environment or for stand-alone self-study
  • providing a website for anyone for reading and listening to Zulu to get an impression of the language

Products, Outputs & Outcomes

The materials are used as a textbook and are available online.

Members of the project also presented different talks on the results of the project.